A Guide to Polished Beauty: The Signature Code8 Look

The mission: only your best face forward.

Conquer your days and nights with the ultimate go-to beauty look when it comes to putting your best face forward. One that’s easy, light, perfect.

Discover the products that were used on Carmen below.

Products you’ll need:

  • Day to Night Foundation in shade N25
  • Seamless Cover Perfecting Concealer in shade NC15
  • Highlight – Sculpting HD palette
  • Bronze Summer Glow Powder – Positano
  • Iconoclast Eye Shadow Palette – Jaipur Marbles
  • Eye Pencil – Mocha
  • Lash Sophisticate Mascara - High Definition Mascara
  • Matte Velour Contouring Lipstick – Lima
  • AM/PM - At the Barre
  • Blush – Rosé 


Step 1

To start with a naturally perfect base, begin by applying Day to Night Foundation in your shade. Ensure to spread evenly along the hairline and blend into the neck area with a brush or your hands. Here, Carmen is wearing N25.

Step 2

With your fingers, dab three dots of concealer under your eye and stoop down to the sides of your nose, almost like a V pointing towards the inner corners of your eye and blend. This application technique will structure your face with light leaving you with a definitive look.

Step 3

Apply a few strokes to the high points on your face for added definition; draw three small lines on your cheekbones and spread by dabbing with your fingers along your protruding features. Excess product can also be used on the tip of your nose, along your upper lip line and even under your brows for emphasis.

Step 4

Here, Carmen is wearing bronzer in the shade Positano. Take the Bronzer Summer Glow powder in your shade and enhance the structure of your face with a natural-looking tan by sweeping this bronzer under your cheekbones, along your temples, under your jawline and chin. Build depending on your preference.

Step 5

Carmen has blue eyes, so she’s wearing a contrasting shade of pink. Every shade in the Jaipur Marbles palette brings out every eye-colour fleck. Depending on your eye shade or preference, use green for brown eyes and bronze for hazel eyes for a pop.

For this look, pink was spread evenly across the eyelid, and then defined by the bronze shade by blending it into the crease and out.

Step 6

Line and define by simply tracing the Mocha eye pencil on your waterline towards the outer corner of the eye. Repeat for the top lid along the waterline.

Step 7

Accentuate your eye look by finishing with the Lash Sophisticate mascara. Apply the product to your top lashes, and wiggle back and forth for extra length and definition. For volume, build by applying another coat. Repeat for lower lash for heightened drama if desired.

Step 8

Our Matte Velour Contouring lipstick does exactly what it’s says. The shade Lima is a muted pink that will complement your eye make-up while bringing elegance to your entire look. Apply a full coat of Lima on your lips - you can leave it matte or top it up with AM/PM At the Barre for a glossy finish.

Step 9

Bring your look together and apply blush on the apples of your cheeks - and dust some on your nose for a fresh, rosy glow. To achieve the polished, bright-eyed look, our blush in shade Rosé will lift your features, leaving nothing but your best face forward.