Classic Holiday Makeup Looks You’ll Love All Year Round

December 7, 2021

Classic Holiday Makeup Looks You'll Love All Year Round

 Festive Makeup

Christmas is the perfect time for trying out new makeup looks. With our social calendars filling up, there are plenty of parties in December for you to show off your makeup skills. It is often best to try out a range of makeup looks so that you can find the right look for any occasion.  

When most people think of Christmas makeup, they think of a bold red lip and dramatic cat-eye, but there are many other classic makeup looks out there.. Here we will explore some of the classic looks that will serve you well for Christmas and beyond. 



Knowing how to create a dewy finish for your skin is a skill that will benefit you all year round. One of the key elements here is skincare, as you will need a good base to build upon with your makeup. You should also know the right way to apply foundation flawlessly. Using a little highlighter can be the perfect finishing touch to make your skin glow. 


A shimmering eyeshadow is a perfect way to inject some glam into your Christmas makeup look. It would be best to look for eyeshadow shades that complement your natural eye colour. Go easy on the shimmer, as often less is more. You want to achieve a look that allows your eyes to shine without being over the top.


A metallic finish eyeshadow can be a great statement look. It is a good idea to pair this with a nude or subtle pink lip colour. You can go as bold or understated as you wish. Consider brighter colours for something more playful or classic gold and silver for a sophisticated style.


A smokey eye is a classic look and can be the perfect option for a big night out or workplace drinks. You can go as bold or as subtle with this look as you want. Ensure that you use a high-quality eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow palette that will blend to create the best possible look.




The bold statement lip is a classic for a very good reason. Anything bright and red is also the perfect addition to a Christmas look. You could consider a bright berry red or something more intense like a deep plum or mauve. You can explore the incredible range of options from Code8 here.  


The cat-eye is a popular and timeless classic makeup look. It can be challenging to achieve, so it may help to do some practising well in advance of debuting your look at a party. You should look for a precision liquid eyeliner to get the best results. You can go bold and sweeping or choose a more understated and minimal swipe with your eyeliner.  


If you’re going bold with your eye look, it is important to have a subtle lip to avoid looking overdone. A subtle, rosy pink lip can be the perfect option. Lip gloss is often the best choice for this, as it provides a hydrating and glossy finish.