Creating A Perfect Smokey Eye for A Christmas Celebration: A Step-By-Step Guide

October 1, 2021

Creating A Perfect Smokey Eye for A Christmas Celebration

A Step-By-Step Guide

Creating the perfect smokey eye can be a challenge. Luckily, the definition of a smokey eye can vary from person to person, and there are no set rules when it comes to makeup. However, now the Christmas season is fast approaching, you may be wondering how to achieve this desired look. 

Today, we will be sharing some of our top tips on how you can create the perfect smokey eye so you can be ready to take on your Christmas celebrations in style.



Every smokey eye look starts with a great eyeshadow palette. The trick is to pick a palette that has a variety of shades like our award-winning Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in the shade “Jaipur Marbles”. The trick is to blend and diffuse eyeshadow rather than using one block colour. You can start by using a black shade to smoke out the edges and then blend this with the green jewel shade to make for a dramatic look. Experiment by building up layers with different shades to help create dimension.

The beauty of eyeshadow is its versatility. So, you can continue to build and mix shades until you reach your desired look. Practice makes perfect. 



The purpose of a smokey eye look is to add intensity to your eye. As well as applying the right combination of eyeshadow, mascara is another product that will help to add density to your lashes, helping to enhance the look. You will want to choose a lengthening mascara like our Lash Sophisticate High Definition Mascara. Instead of swiping the lengthening mascara wand upwards towards your lash tips, you are going to want to stick to the lash root. Swipe the wand sidewards, back and forth. This will help to add density to your lashes. 

With a smokey eye look, you want to be bold and dramatic, so we are looking to build up the lengthening mascara. Our formula is buildable, so you can coat your lashes until you reach your desired look with our quality lengthening mascara.



Liner is the perfect finishing touch for any smokey eye look. The bolder and more dramatic, the better. So, you will want to grab our Precision Liquid Liner and use this along your lash line. The ultra-fine high-definition tip allows for precision tracing to help you achieve your desired look. This will really help to bring your look to life and give you that deep colour intensity.

We appreciate that liquid liners are not for everyone. So, instead, you can opt for an eyeliner pencil like our Contour Eye Pencil in the shade “Classic Black”. You can place it along your lash line for a more dramatic look, or you can also place the liner in the inner eye, helping you to achieve a more contoured look. Code8 offers a wide range of eye products available to inspire you to create some incredible festive looks this season. To explore the range of eye products go to our category page at