How To use The Must-Have Facial Tool
the Gua Sha

An ancient Chinese skincare secret, the term ‘gua sha’ refers to the practice of scraping or spooning. In recent years, the gadget found its popularity among the skincare community as the ultimate facial massage tool. 

Traditionally, the gua sha is used to gently stroke the face and neck to increase blood circulation and prevent signs of ageing. 

This gua sha method boosts lymphatic drainage (no more breakouts!), relieves muscle tension (from sitting at your desk all day and clenching your teeth all night), and delivers sculpted, tightened and more radiant skin. 

Treat the aftermath of too-late-nights or too many glasses of wine by using the gua sha to de-puff and detoxify. 

Are you convinced? Discover how to add this insanely Instagram-able tool to your routine. 

Use as part of your morningand/or evening skincare routine. Start with a freshly cleansed skin and follow generously with a hydrating facial mist—we love Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

While the skin is still damp, add a few drops of your favourite facial serum or facial oil (something slippery works best—try The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Oil) into the palm of your hand. Warm up the product by rubbing your hands together before pressing it into the face and neck in an upward motion. 

Pick your favourite semi-precious device (or try this Disciple Firm Face Gua Sha or Hayo'u Method). Hold the gua sha flat and avoid using the edge to drag against your skin. Always use light-to-medium pressure.  

Slowly smooth the stone across the skin in upward movements and conclude with a wiggle motion to simulate a massaging effect. 

Begin with the neck area to release any tension. Massage from the back of your neck to the nape, from the shoulder along the neck to below the ear, up from collarbone to the jawline and finally from the central area below the collarbones to the chin. Repeat each step five or more times. 

Next, move onto the facial area. To start, focus on one side of the face; scrape the stone from the middle of the chin along the jawline in an upward motion towards to ear. Next, start from the centre of the face next to the nostril, draw the stone over the cheekbone and then move up to the forehead into the hairline. 

Tread carefully around the delicate eye area and keep the pressure to a minimum. Repeat each action five to ten times and replicate the steps on the opposite side of the face. 

Store your gua sha stone in the fridge for an instant de-puffer. Use regularly to avoid congestion and to maintain healthy and luminous skin. 

Click here to watch thethe tutorial with the founder of the Hayo'u method.