Why A Blush Palette Is the Perfect Christmas Gift for The Make-Up Lover in Your Life

October 3, 2021

Why A Blush Palette Is the Perfect Christmas Gift for The Make-up Lover in Your Life

Christmas Gift Guide

Every makeup lover will understand the importance of blush. As well as helping you create your perfect everyday look, they can also be used in more ways than one. 

Today, we will be telling you everything you need to know about blush palettes and why they make the perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life.



There is no denying that blush palettes are a versatile makeup product. Sure, you can use them on your cheekbones, but they also make great eyeshadow palettes too. Our Blush Palette in the shade "Pink Beach" is a great example. With three different pink shades to choose from, you can create the perfect everyday eye look. If you want a more natural look, you can pop on a bit of blush, and you're good to go; the options are endless. 

This is why blush palettes are the ideal gift. They have a dual purpose and can be used to create multiple makeup looks. It's a product your makeup-loving recipient is sure to appreciate. 



Undoubtedly, one of the best things about blush palettes is the extensive colour ranges that are on offer. Regardless of your recipient's skin tone, there is sure to be a palette out there that compliments their skin whilst matching their style. Our Blush Palette in the shade "Rosé" is a great everyday palette. As well as adding a peachy glow to any complexion, it is also easily paired with other makeup products as the shades are natural tones that won't clash. 

If you really want to help your makeup enthusiast achieve the ultimate everyday look, you can even pair your blush palette with our Glazé Universal Lip gloss in the shade Spyglass. 



Why is a blush palette a great gift? The answer is simple. This product is an essential for every makeup kit out there. Blush adds the perfect finishing touch to any look. You can go bold with bright colours to really highlight the cheekbones, or you can use softer shades for a more natural, everyday look. There are so many options, and it can encourage anyone to get creative. 

Our Blush palette in the shade "Merlot" is a firm favourite down at Code8. The deep and rich shades add an air of sophistication to any look. You can use the shades on your eyes to intensify your look, which also makes it the perfect makeup product for on the go. Simply pop your compact blush trio into your handbag, and when you want to quickly enhance your everyday makeup looks, you can. It's a product we certainly can't live without.  

As well as our blush palettes, we have a range of fantastic beauty products available, which would make great gifts for the upcoming Christmas season. To explore the range of Festive Sets go to our gifting category page at https://www.codeeight.com/makeup/gifts.html