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Easy Ways to Detox

Date January 01 2019 | Look type Lifestyle
The word ‘detox’ is thrown around all over the place, read our blog post to find out how to easily detox in 2019.  

Top Fitness Trends To Try In 2019

Date January 01 2019 | Look type Lifestyle

We all told ourselves we’d be back in sweat-mode after the holidays and its onslaught of nutritional rule-breaking, and here we are. Here are a few new workouts that are currently in focus for the new year… 

8 Coffee Table Books That Are More Than Décor

Date December 12 2018 | Look type Design
We all know that a stack of glamorous coffee table books is a not-so-secret interior-design hack. We’ve done the legwork and combed through best sellers from all major coffee-table book publishers.

Top 10 Ski Destinations in The World

Date December 07 2018 | Look type Travel
Whether you already have your own favourite ski destination - a time-honoured resort you’ve been going to since you were little - or you’re new to the ski scene, we’ve edited down the best resorts in the world on both sides of the pond. Chosen for their runs and their après-ski options, here are our top ten. 

Rocks That I Got: The Appeal of Gemstone Hues

Date November 30 2018 | Look type Fashion

Being in nature allows the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s command centre, to dial down and rest like an overused muscle. Similarly, looking at natural elements, or anything that reminds the brain of elements that were once found out and about, allows it to relax.

Ask An Art Advisor: Talents to Watch

Date November 22 2018 | Look type Art
Miami-based Monica Kalpakian, an art curator, consultant and founder of Artvising, who studied with Christie's and Sotheby's. We asked her to pick her favourite emerging and established artists, which she shares here… 

London’s Top Hidden Gems

Date November 18 2018 | Look type Travel
From Hyde Park and Tower Bridge to some of the best shops, art galleries and members’ clubs in the world, our fair city has many infamous charms. But perhaps the best thing about global cities such as London are the many well-kept secrets that only insiders frequent - one’s own favourite hidden gems

Three Enduring AW18 Trends To Try

Date November 18 2018 | Look type Fashion
Trends aren’t what they used to be. Once dictated down to us by old-guard editors (think Maggie Prescott in Audrey Hepburn's Funny Face) to be followed as gospel each season, trends are now a lot more diplomatic.

Three Interior Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

Date November 18 2018 | Look type Design
Today’s most savvy interior decorators know that the best rooms have a classic framework that can be built upon with accents, resulting a personalised touch, even if leaning in one direction. 

Lima City Guide

Date November 15 2018 | Look type Travel
Know that while many travellers rush off to Machu Picchu when they land in Lima – it’s worth staying for more than for just a stopover. Lima is Peru's largest city, home to more than a quarter of Peru's roughly 30 million people, and is truly an extraordinary city.