5 Tips for keeping positive from a trusted therapist

April 6, 2020

Five Tips for
Keeping Positive
from a trusted therapist

Phoebe Greenacre

is holistic therapist, yoga teacher and mindfulness coach (as well as co-founding her active wear brand Siloulondon.com). Phoebe offers 1-2-1 holistic healing sessions via zoom and a weekly YIN therapy class on Sundays at 6pm to help restore the body and let go of emotional build up. We recently hosted a Instagram Live with Phoebe on Breathing Techniques for when you’re feeling stressed, if you missed this class we are hoping to have this uploaded for you to try very soon. During this unsettling time we wanted to ask Phoebe how she is keeping positive right now, it always comforting to hear how others are coping, especially someone in the wellness industry.

Here’s Phoebe’s five tips for keeping positive right now:

Start your day with a slow sacred ritual

Whether it’s a cup of tea, or coffee or breathing exercises, start your day slow. I make a daily homemade matcha and I take joy in the simple steps it requires me to complete the ritual. I’m mindful of every part of it. From filling up the jug to boil the water, to scooping out the honey and coconut oil into the blender. And then drinking it is as ritualistic as it comes. Sip by sip. I allow myself to slowly begin my day.

Move Your Body

I’m a big believer of moving my body every single day. It could be an hour walk along the river near my house, 20 minutes of yoga online or just free flowing by myself. Moving the body rids ourselves of anxiety or bad vibes that have been built up over night.

Twice Daily Meditation

Now that I’m at home, much more than normal, I have no excuse not to meditate. I’ve added a morning and evening meditation slot in my diary to help me come back to my centre and find some grounding. I have lots of short meditations over on my IGTV to help you get into a routine.

Find the Silver Lining

There is a lot that has been taken away from our "normal" lifestyle we are use to. I’m trying to stay positive by finding the silver lining in every situation. I had to cancel my wedding, which was taking place in May, and now it’s rescheduled for September. A lot of people would find it stressful, but my silver lining is that a few more people that couldn’t come, can now attend.

Be Kind to yourself

I’m making it a weekly (if not daily) occurrence to be kind to my body and mind. I’m taking a lot more baths as I have time now. I’m doing YIN restorative yoga twice a week,  I’m speaking with my friends daily, allowing myself the time to sleep in, or to just do nothing. It’s been a long while since I’ve had the time to actually sit and be still. Find out what feels good for your body and mind and make sure you pencil the time in your week.

We hope you enjoyed reading through Phoebe’s tips, if you would like to know more about Phoebe and how she may be able to support you please find her website and Instagram links below.