7 Podcasts To See Us Through The Lockdown

April 22, 2020

7 Podcasts
To See Us Through The Lockdown


Deliciously Ella

A podcast dedicated to exploring both mental and physical wellbeing, Deliciously Ella follows the vast success of the Deliciously Ella recipes and cookbooks and is hosted by the husband and wife duo Ella and Matthew Mills. In each episode they welcome guests – from doctors to authors and wellness experts – to discuss relevant topics, including how to build a healthy and happy brain, how food choices affect mood, and whether morning routines can change your life.


Criminal (Radiotopia)

Not many true-crime podcasts could earnestly be described as “soothing,” but the word pops up again and again in the reviews of Criminal. Maybe because the acclaimed podcast takes a distinctly human approach to the genre, as host Phoebe Judge (she of the soothing voice) interviews people who have done wrong, been wronged, or have gotten caught somewhere in the middle. These stories aren’t sensationalized or driven by bloodlust—although there’s plenty of serial killers, identity theft, unsolved murders, and jailbreaks to go around. But Criminal imbues its episodes with a sense of purpose that sets it apart from your average murder pod, as Judge skillfully untangles the sociological impact of each crime.


Call Your Girlfriend

With a new episode dropping every Friday, this long-running (and frequently hilarious) podcast takes the form of a weekly phone call between long-distance best friends Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow to chat about every conceivable element of culture today, from watching Love Is Blind to the abject terror of filing your taxes unaided. It also includes powerful interviews with the likes of Chanel Miller, the victim in the Brock Turner trial.


The Gemma Collins Podcast

If the news is making you want to crawl inside your own body and hide, some escapism might be on the cards. For that, look no further than Gemma Collins’s podcast, a hilarious, sassy and infinitely warming chat show where, alongside spirituality, topics for debate include, “Is St Tropez and Cannes the same place?” and “Who is Big Brother?” Only the GC can save us now.


Table Manners with Jassie Ware

If you’re working on your cooking skills then Jessie Ware’s podcast table manners will really get your culinary juices flowing. Since 2017 the singer has hosted the podcast alongside her mum Lennie directly from her dining table, preparing a meal and having a nice long natter with guests. Ware and her mother have discussed food, family and culture with everyone from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to Ed Sheeran, even (bravely) cooking for chefs including Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi and Nigella Lawson. 


The One Your Feed

Revolves around an ancient parable that says we all have two wolves within us: one good, and one bad. The one that wins is the one you feed. So every week, creators Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes curate conversations with experts across the mental health sector on how to feed your good wolf, and create a life worth living. Zimmer is a former heroin addict turned behavioural coach, and together, the pair tackle a full range of topics from healing poetry to grief mechanisms and how to steady a spiralling mind. 


Happier with Gretchen Rubin

A cult well-being classic, which has had over 95 million downloads. What began as Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project -documenting a year dedicated to making herself happier through resolutions big or small - has become a whole movement. One part of that is the podcast, in which Rubin and her sister Elizabeth offer practical advice and personal anecdotes in a quest to share happiness. From the impact of one-sentence journals to the joy of music, each episode provides a wonderful way to combat stress and anxiety with practical solutions. They even released an episode last week on ‘Coping During Covid-19 – how to stay happier and calmer in difficult times,’ and we could all do with the answers to that.