Best Makeup for Blonde Hair

Best Makeup for
Blonde Hair

Makeup Look with Blonde Hair

Without a doubt, hair plays an important role in our overall look and style. Our hair colour can even dictate our makeup choices (not that you can’t let your creativity go wild!), but basic colour theory can definitely help you pick out the most complementary shades to suit your tresses. Whether you’re looking to switch up your makeup routine for your new light coloured locks or finding colours to suit your golden tresses, discover our guide to find flattering hues and the best makeup for blondes. 

How to Find Your Undertones

Understanding your undertone

Before we begin sharing the best makeup for blonde hair, we must first find your undertone. Determining your own undertone can be puzzling but choose one of four quick ways to figure out your undertone. Once you know your undertone, it can be easier to find shades from the same family to achieve a flattering look. 

1. The metals test: 

Perhaps one of the easiest (and more glamorous!) ways to determine your undertone is to take stock of the jewellery that you most commonly wear, and what looks best. If you look better in gold jewellery, you have warm undertones. If you look better in silver, then you have cool undertones, and if you can wear both, you have neutral undertones. 

2. The white clothes test: 

Similarly, you can also turn to the colours of your wardrobe to help guide you. For example, if you find in general that white clothing enhances your skin tone, you have warm undertones. On the other hand, if you find that wearing white washes you out, you most likely have cool undertones.

3. The vein test: 

Look at the veins on your wrist. If they're slightly greenish, then you have warm undertones. 

If they appear blue or have a purple tinge to them, then you have cool undertones.

If you have a mix of green and blue, then you have neutral undertones.

4. The sun test:

If you usually get darker in the sun but never burn, you have warm undertones. 

If you also get darker in the sun but sometimes burn, you have neutral undertones. 

If you burn easily in the sun, you have cool undertones. 

  • If you have cool undertones: cool-toned shades work well for you. Reach for Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Lustrous Corduroy.
  • If you have warm undertones: warm-toned shades work well for you. Reach for Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Burnt Sienna.
  • Neutral means you have a mix of warm and cool tones: both warm and cool-toned shades work for you. 

Recommended products for people with blonde hair and cool-tones: 

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Recommended products for people with blonde hair and warm-tones: 

Makeup for Warm Toned Blondes

5 Best Makeup Looks For Blonde Hair

1. Blonde Makeup Look: Everyday Makeup

An easy everyday blonde makeup look should be light and natural. Blondes do indeed look pretty in pink, so opt for pink-toned shades to effortlessly perk up your complexion. Use our versatile Blush Palette in Pink Beach, created with revolutionary Knead Technology, to provide a beautiful blendability and long-lasting wear. Customise your perfect pink by mixing the shades and applying all over the lids and cheeks to add a healthy rosy glow.  Finish the blonde makeup look with a pink lip, like the Colour Brilliance Lipstick in The Met, which has a creamy and comfortable texture, thanks to a blend of esters and waxes. 

Makeup Look For Blondes
Dramatic Blonde Makeup

2. Blonde Makeup Look: Dramatic Eye

Cool-toned shades pair well with blonde hair, so grey eyeshadow hues can add depth and definition to your dramatic evening look. Take the darkest shade from the award-winning Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Velvet Chrome to create a smokey glam eye. To intensify the look and frame your eyes even more, use a dampened angled brush with the darkest shade in the palette to line your eyes.

3. Blonde Makeup Look: Taupe 

Taupe, neutral and bronze shades complement blonde locks beautifully. Add any of these shades all over the lids for a simple everyday eye look. If you want more sparkle, apply a shimmery bronze shade in the middle of the lids for a wide-eyes effect. You will love the award-winning Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Lustrous Corduroy which combines neutral beige, peach and browns to bring out the cooler tones of your eyes as well. Revolutionary Knead Technology provides a unique velvety texture and intense pigment to help you create an array of eye looks effortlessly, the very best makeup palette for blondes in our opinion. 

Makeup on Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes
Red Lipstick - Lip & Cheek Tint

4. Blonde Makeup Look: Classic Red Lips

Evoke old Hollywood glamour by pairing your blonde makeup look with a classic red lip. Choose between the Matte Velour Lipstick in Opera (a red with blue undertones) for a modern matte finish with comfortable wear and vibrant colour or the 5Secs Express Lips & Cheeks Colour in Carmen (a reddish-pink) for a sheer tint of colour and moisturising benefits of a lip balm for the perfect on the go re-application. 

5. Blonde Makeup Look: Bronze the Complexion

Our last and maybe best makeup tip for blondes is to use a quality bronzer. Blondes with fair skin risk looking washed out, combat this by dusting a touch of the Bronze Summer Glow Powder on your forehead, cheeks and chin with a fluffy brush for a natural, sun-kissed look. This finely milled bronzing powder has a buildable effect, so your makeup is guaranteed to look just right. Use it to accentuate your features and to give a radiant-looking tan. 

We hope this blog sharing makeup tips for blonde hair has helped you, but remember, makeup has no rules and these blonde makeup tips are just to guide you. Makeup should be fun and never restrictive. 

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Bronzer Suitable for Blondes