Christmas Gifts for Her: Expectation Versus Reality

March 11, 2020

Christmas Gifts for Her: Expectation Versus Reality

We are sure that even Santa Clause would agree that not all Christmas gifts are created equally. There are the ones you love and will savour for years to come and there are other kinds...the perhaps weren't what you were exactly after.

We here at Code8 know that gifts aren’t the true meaning of Christmas, however, who can blame us for being excited at the thought of a loved one receiving a beautiful and useful gift under their tree that they will use for years to come.

In order to avoid this Christmas conundrum, we have selected our favourite products for you to give to a loved one or friend that will ensure your Christmas day one is one for the books.

1. Dressed to the Nines Lip Trio 

As the name states you are nothing but dressed to the nines when the festive season comes around, meaning you need a killer lip look to pair with your sky-high Manolos.

But we know that it can be hard to settle on just one product, which is why we have created the Dressed to the Nines Lip Trio, a kit that has you covered for every special occasion offering three unique and glamorous lip products.

The Glazé Lacquer Lipstick in Minimalist is the perfect product to pair with a statement eye, offering a subtle and natural-looking finish. Alternatively, the Colour Brilliance Lipstick in Spiaggia Rosa offers a feminine, rosy pout and Matte Velour Lipstick in Opera – winner of the ‘Most Ravishing Red Lipstick’ at the 2019 Attracta Beauty Awards- – is for the woman who is feeling bold and not afraid to show it with her choice of lip colour.

Every Code8 lipstick product is easily buildable so you can take your look from day-to-night with ease.

2. Party Essentials Kit 

Shopping for that ONE friend that has everything (including perfect hair and flawless skin) can be more stressful than doing a last-minute Christmas shop at Waitrose—until now.

Give your glamorous friend the gift of efficiency, options and accessibility, all wrapped up in elegant gold packaging, with our Party Essentials Kit.

If you can’t ensure that her blowout will stay out in place all night on the dance-floor, you can at least guarantee that her makeup will last all night with this beauty life-saver that offers easy-to-wear, highly-pigmented and long-lasting products in one arsenal.

She can get elevate her smoky eye game skills by way of the Iconoclast Eye Shadow Palette in Velvet Chrome, say hello to Angelina Jolie-inspired lashes with the Lash Sophisticate High Definition Mascara and pull them together with the Precision Liquid Eyeliner.

From there, she can add give your cheekbones a layer of shimmer for extra drama and sparkle ith the Highlight HD Palette in Between Two Women and finish off the look with a Matte Velour Lipstick in Lima or Lost in Translation.

All products can be worn naturally for a pared-back aesthetic or built-up for maximum, disco-inspired glamour. They won’t cramp anyone’s accessories style either, fitted in slick, compact-sized packaging.

This a present that requires no second-guessing, so best be quick to add to your shopping cart before we sell out as the Party Essentials Kit is limited-edition and part of our Christmas range, meaning it’s not as easy picking up a pint of milk. Shop it online or at our store at 4 Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, London W1J 0PZ.

3. Blush Palette 

Blush can sometimes get a bad rap in the makeup world, but for us it’s a beauty bag non-negotiable. Especially in the cooler seasons when cold temperatures and a lack of sunlight can wreak havoc on your complexion.

But for those who don’t want to go full Rihanna at the 2017 Met Gala (think beaming pink cheeks and a fabulous Comme des Garçons gown), we have created the perfect rosy pink blush to suit all skin types and taste that is more on the subtle side.

Vegan-friendly and once again created with the all-mighty Knead technology, this silky and weightless blush is super blendable and offers an array of colour intensity that can be built up or worn down.

This is the blush that does it all, also able to applied to the eyelids and is formulated with three different shades that work to define your natural beauty, with a lighter shade acting as a highlighter.

4. Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette – Velvet Chrome 

A smokey eye is as timeless as a Cartier watch or a Chanel bag. However, unlike those items, you won’t need to take out a bank loan or forgo food to fund them. And we also happen to think a flawless smokey eye is a whole lot sexier...especially when it comes to Christmas party glamour.

The Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette is the only tool you need to take your eyes from the office to the dancefloor.

Featuring six highly-pigmented and long-lasting shades, this palette is made using patented Knead technology, which means all six hues have a smooth application and are easy to blend. The formulas are also vegan, meaning you can glam up without stressing about the impact on your favourite furry friends.

Pro Tip: The Iconoclast Eye Shadow Palette isn’t afraid of getting a little wet, so sprinkle it with a dash of water means to create an intense beauty look that enhances your natural beauty.

5. Highlight HD Palette – In Between Two Women 

Until scientists come up with a way to gain a year-round tan that isn’t from a can or doesn’t require burning in the sun, we prefer to get our glow the most glamorous way possible – through a highlighter.

The one product that makes every woman look instantly well-relaxed, rested and fresh off a holiday, is the only tool that needs to be found under a tree in December.

Define your best features with In Between Two Women, a duo of rose gold and bronze highlighter crafted from innovative Knead technology and packed with ingredients such as olive oil, pre-baked pearls and white tea extract.

Whether you prefer to build up your colour depending on your skin tone or mood, this highlighter isn’t going anyway owing to its durable, silky texture.

6. Matte Velour Lipstick – Opera 

No Christmas beauty look is complete without a crimson pout. Yes, we are talking about a classic red lip.

Elegant, alluring, powerful and festive to a tee, this is one beauty look that will never be a passing trend.

Code8’s beloved Opera shade - winner of ‘The Most Ravishing Red Lipstick" at the 2019 Attracta Beauty Awards –is a velvety, matte-finish lipstick that is highly-pigmented, matte-based, moisturising, glides on with ease and delivers a high-voltage finish.

7. Code8, 5 Seconds Express Lip & Cheek Colour 

Any beauty product that can do it all is considered the holy grail in the cosmetics world. And when the festive season involves parties, dinners, shopping and endless rounds of mulled wine, no-one has time for an involved makeup look.

Enter: The 5secs Express Lip & Cheek Colour.

Our best-selling, hero product that will quickly become a favourite of every woman asking Santa for the gift of time. This multi-tasking lip and cheek duo will leave your lips feeling hydrated, your cheeks subtly tinted and eyelids glowing. What more could you need to be merry about?!