Code8's Self-Made Stories Youme Lin

November 15, 2020

Code8's Self-Made Stories
Youme Lin

Youme Lin Lifestyle Content

As a small, start-up brand, we are always on the hunt for the opportunity to champion other hardworking individuals, both within the fashion and beauty industries and beyond. With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce this chapter of Code8’s Self-Made Stories, a collection of stories showcasing influential individuals who have created a name for themselves in their respective fields, all while spreading kindness, motivation and encouragement along the way. Let us introduce New York based creative consultant and producer Youme Lin.

Youme Lin in New York

Tell us about how you got started with your career in blogging and being a lifestyle influencer?

I started sharing my day-to-day and outfits on social media when I was a sophomore in college. I ran a fashion blog at the time where I would feature my fellow classmates who were very creative with their outfits, which not only looked phenomenal, but spoke so much to their unique personalities as well. I was very inspired by the fashion scene in the city and the people around me, and that motivated me to share my own beauty and fashion obsessions on social media. It’s been a very fun and rewarding journey for me!  

What are your top styling tips to create a timeless wardrobe, and why? 

I’ve always embraced investing in timeless garments because it’s so important for me to own pieces that will last for years to come. Occasionally, I like to spice up my outfits with a few trendy details just for fun. Here are some of my wardrobe essentials that I can’t live without:


1. Start with the classic jeans. Denim is one of the most versatile garments in any wardrobe and can be styled a multitude of ways, whether it’s being paired with a simple white tee or having outerwear thrown over it. It’s durable and will last for a very long time.

2. Simple white tee or shirt, another well-versed item that can be worn alone or layered. It’s truly a seasonless essential that makes my life so much easier when it comes to putting together a quick look, serving as a wardrobe foundation. 

3. When in doubt, throw a blazer over it to elevate any look instantly. I own a black and plaid blazer and they’re both well-worn and loved, especially during the Autumn season. It’s always a good idea to keep a blazer around for these chilly nights.

4. My favourite way to accessorise my outfit is to add a bright bag, put on a pair of gold hoops and apply a pop of brightly coloured lipstick. I’m currently in love with the GLAZÉ Lip Lacquer in Safari, it’s such a mood booster for me. 

5. Last but not least, when it comes to shoes, I’m all about a solid pair of white sneakers or comfortable ankle boots, they are adaptable and can be dressed up or down. I’m all about feeling and looking good, and these shoes are perfect for a good stroll. 

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