Code8 X Tate Dora Maar Exhibition

March 11, 2020

Code8 X Tate Dora Maar Exhibition

Code8 is delighted to unveil its product development launched to coincide with the Dora Maar exhibition opening at Tate Modern on 20th November. Inspired by portrait photographs of the artist Dora Maar and reimagined for the present day, the lipsticks celebrate the spirit of 1930s fashion and are available exclusively at Tate Modern. Wearing lipstick in the 1930s was a radical statement. It signalled independence and modernity, the very things Maar embodied. Its very portability signified that women were no longer only attending to their toilette at home – they were out and about embracing fashion.

The exhibition is the first UK retrospective of the work of Dora Maar (1907–97) whose provocative photographs and photomontages became celebrated icons of surrealism. Featuring over 200 works from a career spanning more than six decades, this exhibition shows how Maar’s eye for the unusual also translated to her commercial commissions, social documentary photographs and paintings – key aspects of her practice which have, until now, remained little known.

Born Henriette Théodora Markovitch, Dora Maar grew up between Argentina and Paris and studied decorative arts and painting before switching her focus to photography. In doing so, Maar became part of a generation of women who seized the new professional opportunities created by the boom in the advertising and the illustrated press. Maar undertook a range of fashion photography commissions for brands such as Chanel, Lanvin and Schiaparelli and commissions for haircare and beauty brands like Pétrole Hahn and Ambre Soleil for fashion and beauty magazines. One of her most famous images, The years lie in wait for you c.1935, was created for an anti-ageing cream. A major highlight of the exhibition will be the outstanding examples of Maar’s surrealist practice including renowned works such as Portrait of Ubu 1936 and The Pretender1935. 

In the winter of 1935-6, Maar met Picasso and their relationship of around eight years had a profound effect on both their careers. She documented the creation of his most political work Guernica 1937, offering an unprecedented insight into his working process. He, in turn, immortalised her in the motif of the ‘weeping woman’. Together they made a series of portraits that combined experimental photographic and printmaking techniques, anticipating her energetic return to painting in 1936.

The Code8 lipstick shades available to purchase are reminiscent of lip colours worn in the 1930s which represented a radically modern new look for women of that era. Worn today they still complete an outfit with a flash of bold colour.

Code8 X Tate Jazz Red - Matte Velour Contouring Longwear Lipstick

Matte but never flat, a lipstick with an extremely comfortable texture delivering vibrant matte colours with a modern velvety finish. Its buildable formula allows for precision and control in application to achieve defined lips in either a longwearing tint or intense velvety matte finish in full colour effect. Thanks to a balanced mix of waxes, the formula has been created to enhance the volume of the lips and glide on with high spreadability to achieve the perfect lips contour.

Code8 X Tate Modernist Nude - Colour Brilliance Sculpting Lipstick

Rediscover the elegance of the classic bright lipstick in an extremely smooth and comfortable texture that melts onto the lips, leaving them enveloped in shiny rich radiant colour, with a pleasant creamy feeling. Thanks to a blend of esthers and waxes, you can sculpt your lips with a long-lasting and uniform film of colour that will help minimise colour migration into the skin’s micro wrinkles.

Available as a duo priced £65 and Jazz Red as a solo priced £29 exclusively from Tate Modern and