Code8's Self-Made Stories | Stephanie Waxberg

As a small, start-up brand, we are always on the hunt for the opportunity to champion other hardworking individuals, both within the fashion and beauty industries and beyond. With this in mind, we are delighted to introduce Code8’s Self-Made Stories, a collection of stories showcasing influential individuals who have created a name for themselves in their respective fields, all while spreading kindness, motivation and encouragement along the way. Let us introduce Stephanie Waxberg from

Self Made Woman Stephanie Waxberg

To begin with, could you share with us a little about yourself Stephanie?

I'm a luxury brand consultant and influencer, based in London but who loves to travel. I started my career working in fashion (for Amanda Wakeley, Celine and Roland Mouret), before moving into finance (working at a hedge fund). I really loved both industries but I wanted to combine them so I guess I kind of made up a career where I could do a bit of everything I loved. I now have a brand consultancy business which provides strategic business development and advisory services to fintech and fashion brands, and creates content for social media and websites for fashion, travel and beauty brands.

How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

Stephanie Modelling in the SunIt's taken time and a lot of hard work and but I feel really happy with the way my career is going. I spent my early 20s putting in some seriously hard graft with different designers and it was such a formative time for my work ethic. My advice would always be to work hard, be professional and be nice. Two people who have been instrumental to my career are:

Amanda Wakeley - who gave me my first ever job and who has always been a great supporter of my work. In fact she was also my first consultancy client for digital content creation and we still work together all the time on content projects.

My husband - who is an incredible photographer, a great supporter and who is also infinitely patient with his perfectionist wife.

What’s your favourite part of your day as an influencer and as a Luxury Brand Consultant?

Stephanie Waxberg Dressed in a Beautiful Silk-Knit ComboI love that every day can be so different and that I get to use my creative side as well as my more analytical strategic side. One day I'll be in my office working on FCA authorisation for a fintech brand, the next day I'll be styling a shoot, meeting with brands, travelling to incredible places... I even love going through my emails because the variety is kind of hilarious.

What made you decide to go freelance?

 Stephanie Sitting by the PoolI feel like it just kind of happened and I'd have been much more nervous about it if I'd really thought about making that decision. I sometimes feel like I have a completely made up career but isn't it incredible that we can do that these days. I created a business out of all the things that I love, and whilst I work everyday, it doesn't always really feel like work.

What’s been your favourite brand collaboration so far and why? 

 Stephanie Waxberg’s Collaboration with Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger flew me out to Milan Fashion Week to create content around their new watch launch at their show. The trip was a complete whirlwind of fittings, glamorous parties, an exceptionally fun and interesting crowd, and the pinnacle was their fashion show which centred around a Formula One pitlane. The energy and the show music were incredible, and the people watching was even better!

Lastly, favourite Code8 product and why?

Code8 Blush Palette Stephanie’s Favourite ProductI love the Blush Palette in Rosé and the Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Burnt Sienna but my absolute wonder product has to be the Seamless Cover Concealer. It's the only concealer I've ever tried that literally does what it says - provides seamless cover - without showing up on my skin, and it never looks dry, cakey or ashy.