Five makeup trends we loved at LFW 2022

February 1, 2022

Five makeup trends we loved at LFW 2022


London Fashion Week might be smaller than its New York, Milan and Paris counterparts, but it’s also known for being bolder. A bit edgier. A touch more creative. And this year’s LFW was no different. Not even the bluster of storm Eunice could dampen the fashion and beauty looks on display in the capital. From the moment the models stepped onto the catwalks, audiences were treated to some seriously striking makeup looks. Here’s a quick roundup of our favourite looks from the shows and how to recreate them yourself.


1. 70s disco vibes matched with 90s nostalgia

Kicking off LFW 2022 was Harris Reed’s show, which proved to be a masterclass in beauty through the decades. Models sported perpetually stylish looks which blended 70s disco vibes with 90s nostalgia and added a touch of the 80s for good measure. Taking Grace Jones’s Nightclubbing album cover as inspiration, the result was ultra-glam, super-contoured faces finished with nostalgic nude lips and bold eyeshadow.

Get the look: To recreate your own beauty-through-the-ages look, your three main staples are silky highlighter, strong eyeshadow shades, and nude lipstick. Start with Code8’s Highlight HD Palette to really define your features and recreate the 70s disco vibe. Apply under the eyes, along the bridge of the nose and across the forehead to boost your skin’s glow. Using Knead Technology, this duo of rose gold and bronze will create a shiny, sculpted, long-lasting effect. Next up, the Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Velvet Chrome will give you that dramatic, long-lasting 80s look. Finish the look with Code8’s Colour Brilliance Lipstick in La Piscine, The Met or Wanderlust to give you that classic 90s nude lip and a formula that simply melts onto the lips.


2. Maxed-out winged eyeliner

If you were thinking the graphic eyeliner trend was edgy, the Hip Curve & Friends catwalk took the concept up a notch (or 20). This wasn’t just winged eyeliner, it was heavy, statement eyeliner that hurtled from the corner of the eye to the edge of the eyebrow. Steady, precise application, this was not. The finish was thick, wobbly, and uneven – you might even say chaotic.

Get the look: If you’re looking for a trend that anyone – and we mean anyone – can achieve, the super heavy, wobbly eyeliner is the one. Instead of the precision required for sharp, graphic eyeliner, this is more ad hoc. If you make a mistake, no worries, just keep applying! Code8’s Contour Pencil is a gloriously soft kajal that gives you long-lasting, intense colour. Start from the inner corner of the eye, extending the wing along the crease and up towards the outer corner of the eyebrow. Go thick at the end of your wing rather than tapering off and add a line along the bottom lashes and in the water line, too. But be warned, to get this look right you need to fully commit.


3. Maximalist eyelashes

At Richard Quinn’s show, it was time to go all out on the eyelashes. Not the long, fluttery eyelashes you might have in mind, but an altogether more grungy take on lashes. Think mascara that’s been applied with a heavy hand that’s created through layer upon layer upon layer. Models stepped out with a clumpy doll lash look along their lower lashes and subtle already-there eyeshadow shades. These maximalist lashes were paired with natural, luminous skin.

Get the look: Instead of separating lashes with the mascara wand, lashes are gathered together to create a more clumpy effect. Try your version of the look with Code8’s Lash Sophisticate. This buildable mascara gives length and volume. Use liberally, applying multiple layers for a multiplied effect. And for that natural glow, look no further than Code8’s Radiate Beauty Balm. After cleansing, add a vitamin-C enriched serum followed by the BB cream. With pectin to moisturise and SPF 15 to help prevent the signs of ageing, your skin will look fresh, dewy and radiant.


4. Going big on blusher

If you like your makeup to make a statement, you’ll know that blusher isn’t just for your cheeks. At Christian Cowan’s show, models stepped out with statement blusher looks that swept across their cheekbones, up and around their eyes, and way past their temples. Blusher was undoubtedly the focal point, framing the face and complementing the smudged ultra-winged eyeliner look.

Get the look: If you’re keen for a statement blusher look of your own, arm yourself with a fluffy brush and Code8’s Blush Palette in Merlot. Start at the apples of the cheeks and work upwards along the cheekbone to your temples. If you’re feeling brave you can keep on going, sweeping the colour up and around the edges of the eyebrows. This blendable formula really packs a punch, creating bold shades and colour intensity through three complementary colours.


5. Y2K clubbing throwbacks

It should come as no surprise that a designer renowned for reworking vintage materials and giving them new life should want to revive old school beauty vibes, too. At Conner Ives’ show, we saw an abundance of Y2K clubbing beauty staples. Models’ faces were adorned with colourful jewels, and heavy mocha lip liner was keeping that early 2000s aesthetic alive.

Get the look: Prominent lip liner was all the rage in the 2000s, but for 2022 it’s had a bit of an update. Rather than using a liner that’s four or five shades darker than your skin tone, go for one that’s one or two shades deeper, such as Code8’s Lip Surrealist in Salvador.

Apply the liner ever-so-slightly outside your natural lip line, focusing on the outer corners before sweeping the liner around the rest of the mouth. Fill the entire lip with the liner and add a slick of lip gloss to the centre of the lips for an awesome shine.Code8’s Glaze Universal Lip Gloss should do the trick.

If you’re keen to recreate your own catwalk look, look no further than Code8 cosmetics. With a range of  award-winning makeup essentials (including  Decode 3 in 1 Makeup Remover that gently removes even the most stubborn of makeup) you’re ready to make the world your catwalk.

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