Five ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable

June 22, 2020

Five ways to make your
Beauty Routine
More Sustainable


Without a doubt, the global cosmetics industry produces  a lot of packaging waste each year. Many beauty products come with excessive packaging, including plastic wrappings, cardboard boxes, paper inserts and more. Although some of the additional packaging may be recyclable, only half of the people in the UK recycle their bathroom products—and the waste produced from this negligence can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Aside from making sure that we recycle what we can, we should look for beauty companies that use sustainable ingredients and packaging. As consumers, we can also make a big difference by making simple beauty swaps for a more sustainable beauty routine. Find out below how you can make your beauty routine more sustainable.


Go ‘naked’ or look for aluminium/glass packaging  

Only 14% of product packaging is being recycled, which has a huge impact on the environment. If there's no option to go packaging-less, aluminium and glass are both great alternatives. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, which makes it one of the best option for recyclable packaging. 

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Reuse packaging

One of the easiest ways you can reduce your plastic footprint is to reuse the packaging. A lot of brands have started to produce a refillable version of your favourite products, so make sure to look out for those when you are making a purchase. Alternatively, you can find craft ways to repurpose those packaging, for example, turning in your candle jar into a nursery plant pot. 

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Reusable cotton pads alternatives

If you prefer to remove your makeup using micellar water or cleansing water, you are probably going through a few cotton pads each day. To reduce unnecessary waste, make a switch to using these washable bamboo pads or muslin cloths. 

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Reusable face wipes

Similar to cotton pads, face wipes can be convenient but they are notoriously bad for your skin and the environment. For everyday routine, switch to using  Face Halo – which can help remove your makeup with just water, so you can save the face wipes for those moments when you have no access to water, like during a camping trip. 

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Reduce water usage

Water scarcity is a growing problem worldwide, with over 1.1 billion people lacking access to water. There’s a rise in waterless products which by having no water in the product, the formula is usually more streamlined, which also reduces excess packaging and waste. So, by switching to waterless products, you can also help conserve these precious natural resources. However, if you are not ready to say goodbye to your favourites just yet, the simple ways you can be eco-friendly is to make sure to turn off the tap when you are washing your face or brushing your teeth!

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