Flower arrangement at home with Maison de Fleurs

June 21, 2020

Flower Arrangement at Home with
Maison de Fleurs

We’ve caught up with the lovely team behind Maison de Fleurs to learn from the experts on how to put together a summer bouquet—the perfect touch to brighten your home this summertime. Plus, If you’re planning your big day, discover their top tips on how to pick your wedding florals and ways to match them with your makeup. Read on for more below. 

What’s the bouquet being made today?

This is a Summer Florists Choice bouquet, one of Maison de Fleurs’ most popular bouquets. It’s perfect for those that aren’t sure what they want, but are looking for something beautiful! The Florists Choice really is the epitome of our florists’ skill—they will pick the finest seasonal flowers amongst gorgeous fillers and foliage to create a stunning bouquet.

Summer Boquet by Maison de Fleurs

What goes into the Florists Choice bouquet?

Sometimes you have a favourite flower or a colour you love, and we build the Florists Choice around this. When our customers come to us purchasing a Florists Choice we ask them if they have any preferences to what is included and how it looks—so let’s say you just love pink, our florists will hand pick the best flowers available to create a stunning pink bouquet just for you.

Tell us a bit about Maison de Fleurs.

Maison de Fleurs Working Office

Since launching in 2011, our florists have grown and developed into a world-class creative team. In 2015 one of our clients was so impressed by the quality of the team’s work that she took over the reins of the company, helping Maison de Fleurs to become the success that it is today.

Maison de Fleurs is a global floral design studio with a deep-rooted knowledge of horticulture; flowers are selected for every occasion to the highest standard and quality. Having worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, and some of the most renowned international venues, Maison de Fleurs have placed themselves among the top tiers of floristry. 

Each project brought to Maison de Fleurs is considered individually. The creative process is key, and Maison de Fleurs fit this around each client’s specific needs and requirements. The design team is known for their meticulous attention to details and passion for flowers, which shows in every project that the company works on. 

When decorating the world’s most opulent homes, incorporating flowers into a London Fashion Week show, or dressing glamorous international weddings or private parties, Maison de Fleurs treats every request with the same level of customer care, passion and creativity. 

From the simplest vase of peonies to an entire house of flowers, Maison de Fleurs are the leading trendsetter in the floral industry.  

It’s traditionally the beginning of wedding season, what are some of your favourite flowers that you would be choosing for a wedding at the moment?

We know a lot of brides love peonies, but they are only in season for such a short amount of time that we can suggest one of many alternatives. Lots of garden roses have a similar shape and size so we can use these, also dahlias look gorgeous in wedding arrangements. In the winter hellebores are gorgeous, and again roses. 

Wedding flowers are very personal, often we have brides who have a specific flower that they want included, this may be because they have a flower that reminds them of someone special or a special moment in their relationship. This is something we love hearing and will always try to make it possible for this to happen.

A lot of people on their wedding day go for quite a natural makeup look, Code8 have some gorgeous shades of products if you were going for a natural, nude makeup look what flowers would you pair with that for a bridal bouquet for summer and then for autumn/winter?

Wedding Bouquet

Cafe au lait dahlias are gorgeous and are the perfect nude shade, Quicksand roses are also a stunning option. They also look gorgeous in a hair arrangement if you’re looking to have flowers in your hair! 

If you’re going to for a bold red, romantic look, black baccara roses are one of the most striking red roses. They are almost velvet to the touch and look stunning against the white of a wedding dress.

Now that you have learned all the pointers from the floral connoisseurs at Maison de Fleurs. Why not put together a floral arrangement from the flowers you can find in your garden or at the supermarket. Looking for bridal makeup inspiration, click here to read our blog post.

Collection of Flowers by Maison De Fleurs