Foundation With Built-In Skincare Benefits

January 7, 2021

Foundation With Built-In
Skincare Benefits

Why it’s smart to shop for makeup packed with powerful skincare ingredients 

Foundation Good For Skin (& Brush)

While heavy foundations and thick concealers get a bad rap for being pore-clogging and blemish-promoting, there are also skincare/makeup hybrids out there that not only hide imperfections but help to heal them, too. Multitasking beauty products can heal skin concerns over time, while also giving immediate coverage.

Want to know how to find a high coverage foundation that is also good for your skin? Read our guide to learn what to look for in your complexion products, so you can help to heal your skin as well as give it a healthy glow. 

Skin Cleanser

Prep your face for base

Just because there are now foundations that are good for your skin on the market, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your daily cleansing routine. Before you apply a base you still need to be keeping up with your skin’s health, so we recommend prepping your face for foundation with the Decode Makeup Remover. Its tri-phasic formula contains Natural Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Squalane to remove any dirt and oiliness while also leaving your skin supple and soft. It’s also infused with Aloe Vera Gel and Thermal Water to soothe the skin during the delicate make-up removal step. That means there’s no harshness, stinging or sticky residues. Follow it up with a nourishing moisturizer and SPF, and you've got a foundation-ready face.

The best foundation for your skin

Once your skin is prepped and ready for a base, we suggest finding the best foundation for your skin. The Day To Night Foundation is an excellent choice here and is a foundation that is good for your skin, whilst also providing great, natural coverage. It’s a beautiful medium-to-high coverage base with a matte finish that blends seamlessly into the skin, hiding imperfections and helping blemishes to appear softened. It’s also packed with hardworking skincare ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid helps to increase the levels of moisture in your skin, while Vitamin E fights free radicals and leaves you looking glowing and radiant. The formula also contains a powerful anti-wrinkle agent that works to smooth fine lines over time for a more youthful look.

Foundation Shade Chart

One of the reasons we believe the Day to Night Foundation is one of the best foundations for your skin is that it offers 12 hours of flawless wear, but unlike other long-lasting formulas that can dry out your skin and make it look cakey, it gently refreshes and hydrates with a cooling effect. This means your skin stays moisturised and comfortable all day, keeping dry patches and flakiness at bay. Find out which shade is your perfect match here.

How to apply Day To Night Foundation

To really make the most of the Day To Night Foundation’s skincare benefits, we suggest applying a small amount of product to the centre of your face using the applicator wand and blending outwards using your fingers. This foundation application technique will help to massage the foundation into your skin, so the powerful ingredients can seep into your pores and start to work their magic. 

Now you know why choosing a foundation that is good for your skin is so important, why not make the Day To Night Foundation your next makeup purchase? Universally flattering and suitable for all skin types, it’s the multifunctional product we all need in our makeup bags. Want more foundation tips and tricks? Click here.