How to achieve natural looking brows using an eyebrow pencil

February 27, 2021

How to achieve
natural-looking brows
using an eyebrow pencil

Keep your brows looking their best all day long with these MUA-approved tips

Well-groomed eyebrows can instantly make you feel more polished and put together, which is why we created the Arch Realist Brow Defining Pencil. By shaping, brushing and filling in your brows with our two-in-one product, you can beautifully frame your features and enhance your beauty looks. If you struggle to achieve the defined yet fluffy look, discover our MUA-approved guide to achieving a natural eyebrow look using just a pencil.

Natural Eyebrow Makeup

Find your natural arch

The key to a natural eyebrow look is to follow the shape you already have, and simply enhance it. Brush your eyebrow hair upwards with a spoolie first, so you can get a good idea of your natural brow shape. Use a magnifying mirror to identify which areas are sparse, and work out which section you need to fill in.

Choose the right shade

Whether you’re using the Arch Realist Brow Defining Pencil or another brow pencil, to achieve a natural eyebrow look it’s important to make sure you pick an exact shade match to your hair colour. Anything too dark will look extremely noticeable and over the top, whereas shades that are too light will have no impact at all. 

Make small strokes

One of the most important factors in natural eyebrow makeup is in the application. Apply the pencil using small flicking motions to create realistic hair strokes in the same direction as your hair growth. Don't try to colour in your brows completely, as that will look unnatural and too square.

Don’t be heavy handed

Press the pencil down gently and draw a few strokes at a time. Keep taking moments to step back from the mirror and check your brows from slightly further away to ensure that they look nice and symmetrical. Build up the product slowly and remember: it’s much easier to add more product than to take it away when aiming for a natural eyebrow look. 

Start in the centre

Our next tip when learning to create natural eyebrow makeup is to start in the middle of your brows and work outwards. Try not to focus too much on the start of the brow, or you’ll end up with a squared-off look that’s far too harsh. Keep the start and end of the eyebrow nice and feathery for a realistic finish.

Keep it natural

If you want to achieve a subtle, natural eyebrow look, it’s important to follow your natural arch. Trying to change the shape too much will look strange and can often throw off the symmetry of your face. Similarly, drawing the brow tail too far out or down gives your face a droopy look too, so keep it simple.

Blend, blend, blend

To keep a natural eyebrow look, always blend out any harsh lines with a brush, especially at the start of the brow in the centre of the face. Use small back and forth motions to help disperse the product evenly through your hairs. This is to make sure you get an even covering of the product and to prevent the areas that you’ve filled in from looking too obvious.


Now you’ve learnt the ultimate natural brow routine, it’s time to shape and define your features. The Arch Realist Brow Defining Pencil has an extra fine tip, so it’s easy to frame your features whether you're a beginner or a makeup expert.