How to find your perfect concealer shade

If you’re looking for a medium-to-full cover up for blemishes, dark circles and fine lines, you’ll love the  Seamless Cover Concealer. Loved by bloggers including  @Lydiamillen@hanihanss and  @inthefrow, It’s a hydrating and long lasting formula that is smoothing on the skin and buildable, so you can wear it your way.

Enriched with active ingredients like Glucan Biopolymer, it protects the skin from pollution and free-radicals while also blurring imperfections, scars, veins and spots. It’s easy to apply thanks to its unique pen applicator, while the light-diffusing properties of the pigments make it possible to soften the appearance of skin’s texture to give a natural-looking finish to your complexion.


Want to add it to your makeup bag but feeling slightly unsure about which shade is right for you? Follow these simple steps to find your perfect concealer colour match.

Analyse the colours around your eye

In order to choose the right concealer, you’ll first need to look at your skin and work out your undertones. If you’re looking to hide your dark circles take a look at the shadows, are they a blue-purple or more red and veiny? Redness requires a cool toned concealer to neutralise it, while shadowy grey or blue areas will need a warmer toned concealer to help bring it back to life. 

  • If you need a concealer with cool undertones: look for products in the Code8 range starting with C or NC.

  • If you need a concealer with warm undertones: look for products in the Code8 range starting with W or NW.

  • If you have a mix of warm and cool tones look for products in the Code8 range starting with N.

Go with one shade lighter than your skin tone

Once you’ve identified your undertones, the next step is to select a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your normal skin tone. Doing this will make it easy to brighten up the under eye area, helping you to look more awake and healthy. Be careful not to go more than one shade lighter, however, or you will end up creating an obvious white circle around the eye area.

Swatch to test

If you are able to swatch the  Seamless Cover Concealer, apply a tiny dab over foundation in the under eye area. The perfect shade should give your under eye a lifted look, illuminating your shadows and concealing any fine lines. If it blends seamlessly with your skin tone, go up a shade. If it’s noticeable white and looks unnatural, go down a shade.


How to apply


Once you’ve purchased your correct shade, be precise with how you apply it. To brighten up your under eye in a natural-looking away, apply your concealer in an upside down triangle shape.

Pat it into your skin with your ring finger for minimal pressure and apply in thin layers to build up to your desired coverage. Highly-pigmented concealer like the  Seamless Cover Concealer is thin but opaque, so a little should go a long way.

Avoid being too heavy handed with your concealer, or it will settle in the fine lines of your face. Once you’ve applied, set it with the  Matte Velour Powder and a small fluffy brush. Made from corn starch and silica, the powder will keep your concealer in place all day and stop your skin's natural oils from seeping through and thinning out the product. 

Now you’ve learnt how to find the right concealer, have fun creating makeup looks that enhance your natural beauty. The pen applicator makes our  Seamless Cover Concealer ideal for touching up when you’re on the go, so there’s nothing stopping you from looking flawless all day.