How to Get a Polished Look using Code8 Iconoclast Jaipur Marbles Palette

March 11, 2020

How to Get a Polished Look using Code8 Iconoclast Jaipur Marbles Palette

How to get a polished look using Code8 Iconoclast Jaipur Marbles palette. This is an eyeshadow application tutorial that uses a palette of 6 shades to create an evening or party look in few easy steps.

Products you’ll need to recreate this blue smokey eye look:  


Radiate Beauty Balm 

Iconoclast Eye Shadow Palette – Jaipur Marbles 

Bronze Summer Glow Powder 

Highlight – Sculpting HD palette 

Lash Sophisticate Mascara - High Definition Mascara 

Colour Brilliance Lipstick 


Step 1 

Before we make a start on the blue smokey eye look, we must first create the perfect base. Begin by applying a small amount of the Radiate Beauty Balm to the centre of your face and blend outwards with a brush.  


Step 2 

Next, we must begin to prep the eyelids for the blue smokey eye. To do this, apply the lighted colour of the Jaipur Marbles palette all over the eyelid. Once you have done this, begin to line the eye with the emerald shade of the palette and then begin to blend from the outer corners into the crease and outwards.  

Now use the darkest shade to smoke beneath the eye and drag slightly upwards towards the outer corner of the eye. Now use the highlighting shade to add some shimmer to the centre of the eyelids, and lastly, use the priming shade once again, this time on the brow bones.  


Step 3 

Now your blue smokey eye look is complete, its time to turn your attention to your bronzer. To achieve a sun kissed glow, swipe the Code8 bronzing powder under your cheekbones, up your temples, across the top of your forehead and under your chin and jawline.  


Step 4 

No smokey eye would be complete without a lashing of mascara, and this blue smokey eye look is no different. Swipe the Lash Sophisticate mascara onto your lashes using a zig zag motion. Layer as required for additional drama.  


Step 5 

In order to tie your smokey eye in with the rest of your look, we recommend that you apply some of our award-winning highlight to the top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and across the top of your lip.  


Step 6 

To finish your polished look, apply a generous layer of our Colour Brilliance lipstick to your lips, in the shade “Piscine”.  


That completes our simple 6 step blue smokey eye tutorial. For more makeup inspiration, why not take a look at our other tutorials