How to get a Polished Look using Code8 Iconoclast Lustrous Corduroy Palette

March 11, 2020

How to get a Polished Look using Code8 Iconoclast Lustrous Corduroy Palette

How to get a Polished Look using Code8 Iconoclast Lustrous Corduroy Palette. This is an eyeshadow application tutorial that uses a palette of 6 shades to create an evening or party look in a few easy steps.

The products you will need for this easy eye shadow tutorial include: 

Radiate Beauty Balm 

Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette - Lustrous Corduory 

Contour Eye Pencil

Lash Sophsticate High Definition Mascara

Blush Palette 

Highlight – Sculpting HD palette 

AM/PM Tinted Lip Balm

Step 1

Before we get into our easy eyshadow tutorial, we first need to create the perfect base. 

Here we used the Code8 Beauty Balm, blending it from the centre outwards. This ensures you have a little more coverage around your T-zone, with a natural yet subtle finish. 

Step 2

Next we made a start on the easy eyeshadow tutorial by taking the highlight shade of the Lustrous Corduroy palette across the entire eyelid.

Step 3

Follow this by using the "line" colour in the same palette. Use this shade over the outer edge of the eyelid and blend this into the crease.

Step 4

The next step in this easy eyeshadow tutorial is to take the darkest shade and gently smoke this along the lashline and blend upwards. 

Step 5

Now we move on to the central area of the lid, wetting the "prime" shade to accentuate the centre of the eye. 

Step 6

The last step when it comes to the eyes is tracing the lower lash line using the "line" shade. 

Step 7

To finish off the easy eyeshadow part of this tutorial we lined the upper lash line using the Contour Eye Pencil and smudged this upwards into the gentle smokey eye.

Step 8

Now apply a lashing of a quality mascara such as our Lash Sophisticate High Definition Mascara to your lashes. 

Step 9

Swipe your chosen blush colour across thr apples of your cheeks and up towards your temples, giving you a gentle, healthy glow. 

Step 10

Finish off your base using our High Definition Highlight across the high points of your face such as your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid's bow and your brow bones. 

Step 11

To complete your look after following our easy eyeshadow tutorial, apply a swipe of the AM/PM Tinted Lip Balm to your lips. 

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, for more tips and tricks from our Makeup artists take a look at our other tutorials