How to Get The Polished Look at 65

March 11, 2020

How to Get The Polished Look at 65

In this tutorial, our makeup artist shares her tips on how to get the polished look at 65. 

To recreate this look you will require the following products: 

Radiate Beauty Balm 

Seamless Cover Perfecting Concealer 

Matte Velour Powder

Lash Sophisticate Mascara - High Definition Mascara 

Bronze Summer Glow Powder 

Contour Eye Pencil

Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette

5Secs Express Lip & Cheek Tint

Step 1

To begin this "how to get a polished look at 65" tutorial, we started by creating a base, such as the Radiate Beauty Balm. We recommend blending this into the skin using a brush from the centre of the face outwards. 

Step 2

Next, we added a little concealer to any problem areas, these could include dark circles, redness or blemishes. We suggest applying the concealer using the applicator and then blending with your finger or a concealer brush.

Step 3

Now, to ensure we minimise unwanted shine, we dust Matte Velour Face Powder around the t-zone. 

Step 4

No polished look is complete without a touch of mascara, we like to swipe it from the base of the lashes upwards to achieve true lash by lash definition. 

Step 5

Add some warmth to your complexion using a bronzer, we like to apply the product in a "3" shape (under the cheek, up the temple and along your hairline).

Step 6

Polished needn't be boring, and that's why we like to add depth to the eyes by lining the top lash line and then blending the colour outwards. 

Step 7

Take two shades of the eyeshadow palette and blend the lash line further adding a splash of glamour. 

Step 8

Lastly, we like to brighten up the polished look by using a swipe of the 5Secs Express Lip & Cheek Tint. 

We hope you enjoyed this video sharings tips on how to get the polished look a 65. If you are on the lookout for more similar videos, then why not take a look at the tutorial hub for some inspiration. 

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