How To Use The Code8 Blush Palette

May 1, 2021

How To Use
The Code8 Blush Palette

Learn how to apply our blusher trio for a gorgeously healthy glow

model holding a Code8 blush palette

Blusher can instantly transform your look with just a flush of colour, which is why it’s a makeup bag must-have, but so many formulas feel cakey on the skin. That’s why we invented the Code8 Blush Palette. The first powder blush to be created using revolutionary Knead Technology, it’s a silky and weightless product that’s easy to blend for the colour intensity of your choice. But how do you wear it? Read on for our step-by-step guide to applying our best selling Blush Palette.

First, prep the skin

Blush should blend seamlessly with your skin’s natural oils and the other base products you might have on your face like foundation, so always apply it as one of the last steps in your makeup routine. That means before you even reach for the Code8 Blush Palette make sure you have cleansed, moisturised and created an even skin tone with either a foundation or a BB cream. 

Choose the best shades to compliment your skin

When you’re ready to apply your blush, take a look in the mirror at your skin’s natural tone and think about which shades will compliment it best. All of our Blush Palettes contain a trio of shades, so no matter if you’ve caught the sun that day or you’re feeling particularly pale they’ll be a colour in there to suit you. The palettes are universally flattering so you can pick depending on your preference.

- Pink Beach is a pale blush palette that will give you that classic rosy cheek look.

- Rosé is a coral-themed blush palette that’s ideal for anyone who wants a peachy glow.  

- Merlot is a mauve blush palette with rich berry shades that pair well with dark lipsticks.

Unsure which shade to choose? Drop us a DM on Instagram for advice, or book in for one of our complimentary virtual shade matching consultation.  

Swirl your brush in all three shades 

Once you’ve chosen the palette you like best, take a large fluffy brush and swirl it in all three shades. They’ll blend together to create a multidimensional colour that you can then apply to the apples of your cheeks in small circular motions. Not sure where the apples of your cheeks are? Smile and then place your blusher on the roundest parts of your face.

Or apply individually

Alternatively you can take a smaller fluffy brush and apply any of shades in the blush trio individually. Apply them high on cheekbones nearer the temples for a more sculpted, editorial look. This is particularly flattering if you have an oval-shaped face. Just be sure to blend well to avoid any harsh lines.

You can even try it as an eyeshadow

The Code8 Blush Palette is a great multifunctional product because it can also be worn on the eyes or lips. Use a small blending brush to apply any shade to your eyelids for a pretty wash of pink. Intensify the pigments by applying them wet for a high shine look, or take it a step further, and press your finger lightly into the palette and then dab it onto clean lips. Seal the pigment with a slick of lip balm and you’ve created your very own lip tint.

Now you’ve learnt how to use the Code8 Blush Palette, all that’s left to do is experiment. Every trio is formulated without parabens and is totally vegan-friendly, so pick the shades of your choice and give your cheeks, lips or eyes a youthful pop of colour.

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