In conversation with Code8's co-founder: Nadine Ayache

March 11, 2020

In conversation with Code8's co-founder: Nadine Ayache

Empowering the new generation to succeed and equal rights are a few topics that Code8’s co-founder Nadine Ayache is passionate about. Being a successful businesswoman herself and working as a real estate investment advisor in a male-dominated industry, Nadine wanted to create a platform for women to spread positivity about self-image and self-worth. Over a cup of coffee, we talked about her interest in being a role model and the importance of equal rights.

What do you think is the biggest issue today facing women in the workplace? 

To understand the issues women are facing, we need to look back at the history of equal rights. Women for generations before us have paved the way to eliminate discrimination in the workplace. I have huge respect for those generations and am ever so grateful. Today we are stronger than ever, owning our rights in the workplace whilst juggling life itself. We are known for our drive and multitasking nature and we keep pushing the boundaries that had been put in place. That said, we have much more to achieve and we need to keep pushing for global equal rights, we are not there yet.  

What advice do you want to share with the next generation of young women to help them maximise their potential? 

I would say: Be brave, keep learning, keep growing and stay true to yourself as a woman. Don’t try to be a man, you don’t need to. 

In what ways do you think makeup empowers women?

Women use makeup as a tool of empowerment, it’s important for a woman to feel good by looking their best. Once we have that feeling, we can do anything.

What is your favourite lipstick colour and what does it mean to you/how does it make you feel? 

I love the Matte Velour Lipstick in the shade “Mambo”, This shade reminds me of my mother. She always wears a punchy, bold colour.  it’s basically her trademark look!

What is your personal motto that you live by? 

Never live to regret.