Is foundation good for your skin?

January 7, 2021

Is Foundation
Good For Your Skin?

Here’s the answer to one of the most frequently asked makeup questions of all time: "Is foundation good for skin?"

Foundation With Skincare Benefits

Ever wondered if your foundation is doing your skin more harm than good? You’re not alone. ‘Is foundation good or bad for my skin?’ is one of the most commonly asked makeup questions, and we’re here to answer it—once and for all. From the formulas to avoid,  to the foundations with skincare benefits that are actually better for your skin than wearing nothing at all, this guide covers all bases.

Foundation Thats Good For Skin

Foundation misconceptions

You’ll sometimes read beauty articles that suggest taking some time off from wearing foundation to ‘let your skin breathe’, but in reality the skin doesn’t have a respiratory system. Leaving your skin bare with nothing on it at all essentially leaves it unprotected. Choosing to wear skincare and makeup packed with skincare benefits is almost always the better option. 

Foundations to avoid

There’s a big difference in foundations depending on the type that you choose to wear, and the foundation you choose can singlehandedly answer the question of "is foundation good for skin". Oil-based foundations that are thick and heavy can sometimes clog the sweat glands in your face, which can lead to trapped moisture and dirt, which becomes blemishes over time. Always look out for the phrase ‘non-comedogenic’ when choosing a foundation, as this will indicate a product that does not clog pores and is much better for your skin. Oil-free foundations are also a safer bet if you’re concerned about finding a foundation that is good your skin, as they leave a film of pigments on the skin, rather than blocking your pores.

Foundations with skincare benefits 

Using the right foundation can actually help your skin, and there has been a growing demand for multipurpose products that blur the lines between skincare and makeup. The Code8 Day To Night Foundation is a great example, and it not only offers medium-to-high coverage but is also infused with a cocktail of powerful ingredients. The universally flattering formula features Hyaluronic Acid to increase the levels of moisture in your skin, Vitamin E to fight free radicals and an innovative anti-wrinkle agent to smooth fine lines, what's more, it is also paraben-free.

Wearing Day To Night Foundation is actually better for your skin than wearing nothing at all, as the ingredients get to work improving the texture and appearance of your complexion while also offering a healthy wash of colour.

Woman Wearing Healthy Foundation

Don’t forget your skincare routine

Foundation Remover

If after this article you decide foundation is good for your skin and opt for a skin-boosting product, you still need to make sure you’re taking care of your skin properly before and after you wear it. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin before you put makeup on in the morning, and at night take off your foundation with a product like the Decode Makeup Remover. It will ensure all traces of the Day To Night Foundation are gone so you can easily complete your nightly skin routine. It’s a tri-phasic formula that uses Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Squalane, Aloe Vera Gel and Thermal Water to soothe the skin.

Women Wearing Foundation Good For Skin

Now that we’ve answered one of the most popular questions in makeup "is foundation good for skin", you can feel safe in the knowledge that most foundations aren’t bad for your skin at all. Simply look for an oil-free product with built-in skincare benefits, like the Day To Night Foundation, and your skin will thank you.