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October 6, 2021

Lipstick Trends In 2021

How Lip Surrealist Lip Liners Can Help You Replicate Them

This year's lipstick trends are certainly making a statement. From bold burgundies to perfect peaches, it's got it all.

If you're looking to switch up your look and give your makeup bag a refresh, then grab your notepad and pen. Today, we're going to tell you all you need to know about recreating the hottest lipstick trends of 2021 with our exciting new range of Lip Surrealist Lip Liners



There is no better way to amplify your everyday makeup than with a statement nude lip. Nude lipstick is a trend that doesn't seem to be dying out, and instead, it continues to rise in popularity. Instagram has hugely amplified the nude lip look with respected industry experts using them in their everyday makeup looks. 

The beauty of a nude lip is that the possibilities are endless, and there is a shade out there to compliment every skin tone. If you want to create a classic nude look, then you can with our Lip Surrealist Lip Liner in the shade "Pablo". Effortlessly beautiful this subtle nude is perfect to pop in your handbag for when you are on the go. Simply line and fill your lips, and you're ready to go! 



We have been loving the berry-stained lip trend. If you are someone who has a busy lifestyle, then this is the look for you. Lightweight and effortless, this look is perfect for you if you are on the go and you don't want the worry of having to top up your lipstick throughout the day. Due to the softness of the application, the colour applies to create a faded look. What's great about this is the lip colour will fade gradually over the day, but it will be evenly spread, so you won't even notice, and it will still look just as fabulous. 

Here's how you can recreate this look using our Lip Surrealist Lip Liner in the shade "Frida". Use the liner in the centre of your upper and lower lip. Then take our Glazé Universal Lip Gloss in the shade "Spyglass" and gently place it right on top of the colour. After application, pat your lips together gently, and this will help you to keep the colour concentrated on your lip whilst slightly blending it to achieve the finished look. 



It's time for the lip liner to take centre stage with the two-tone lip trend. Reminiscent of the 90's era, this lipstick trend is making a comeback, and this time it's all in the liner. To create this look for yourself, you'll need to grab your Lip Surrealist Lip Liner in shade "Salvador" and line the perimeter of your lips. Then, all you need to do is layer your Glazé Universal Lip Gloss on top. This is a simple look to create but one that will have you reliving your ultimate Y2K fantasy. 

If you would prefer to ombre your lip and soften the liner, then you can use your finger after you have applied the gloss and gently blend it with the liner. This look is hugely versatile and one that we love to use on the daily.