Master it: The 5-Minute Face

March 11, 2020

Master it: The 5-Minute Face

How many times have you found yourself doing your makeup on the train, in the car or in between dressing your kids?

We’ve made this easier for you. The aim here is to achieve your best face within a limited amount of time - a fresh face, with sophisticated eyes and a lively lip.

With just six strategically chosen products, your look will leave you feeling ready to conquer any day - or night. They are:

  1. Radiate - Second Skin Finish Natural Radiance Beauty Balm
  2. Seamless Cover - Perfecting Concealer (coming soon in January)
  3. Bronze - Summer Glow Powder
  4. Lash Sophisticate - High Definition Mascara
  5. 5secs - Express Hydrating Lip Colour & Cream Blusher
  6. Matte Velour - Mattifying Finishing Powder

Step 1

Apply Radiate with a brush or with your hand, and instantly wake your face up. This balm will give you the perfect tint for a revived look, protecting your skin with SPF15. Spread evenly over your entire face, from the centre outwards, and watch this lightweight emulsion smooth your imperfections, brightening your entire complexion.

Step 1-B

Twist up the concealer formula from the base and dab the applicator starting from the inner corner of your eye. Apply three dots or more, depending on the coverage you prefer, pulling outwards towards the end of your eye, and dab until blended into Radiate BB Cream.

A tip for those with dark circles under the eye or deeper sockets - bring the concealer down below the eye socket and above the cheekbone and watch any imperfections seamlessly fade, lifting your face with a subtle contour.



Step 2

For a defined look, sweep bronzer around your forehead, below cheekbones and under jawline for quick definition. For a sun-kissed look, use this bronzer all over and apply where light normally  hits your face - on the temples of your cheeks, nose, and chin.

You can also double up our Summer Glow Powder as an eyeshadow, by applying a streak of colour across your crease. Just blend this formula with a brush or your fingers.


Step 3

Mascara, is, of course, the perfect finish for a bright-eyed look with excellent staying power, but natural enough for everyday use. Start with the inner corner of your eyelashes and extend, then work the brush into the outer corner with longer strides, extending and lifting the lashes outwards.

For optimal volume, build definition by wiggling the wand back and forth towards the top of your lashes.


Step 4

Dab or spread 5secs, in shade Miss Saigon, according to your preferred level of coverage along your lips, or outline with the help of our pointed jumbo stick. It is almost impossible to make mistakes with this product, and it simultaneously hydrates your lips with shea butter.

For added colour, apply a tinge on the apple of your cheeks, (if you smile it’ll help you find the apple of your cheek) by drawing three stripes on the specific area and blend upwards into face along your cheekbones with your fingers. Dab some tint on your nose for a rosy, crisp finish.

Step 5

Set and finish with Matte Velour! This oil-absorbing formula will keep you fresh and shine-free all day with a matte finishing touch. With the help of the velour sponge, dab around your T-zone to absorb sebum, or spread generously for a fully matte (but never cakey or dull) look.