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March 8, 2022

Radiate Beauty Balm vs Day to Night Foundation


Whatever makeup look you want to create, you need a flawless base. But that can be easier said than done. For a perfect complexion, you need to know your facts. Not just understanding the products available, but also getting to grips with your skin type and tone as well as a product’s coverage and finish. Even the most ardent cosmetic lovers can struggle to decide on the perfect product. The key is knowing where to look and using products that can simplify your make-up routine and make the application an effortless task. That’s where Code8 complexion products are here to help. Read on to discover Code8’s Radiate Beauty Balm and Day to Night Foundation. We will explain the key benefits, application tips and secrets of BB cream versus foundation.

What is BB Cream 


Often seen as a good entry into colour cosmetics, BB creams (short for beauty balm) offer a sheer coverage. Thicker than a tinted moisturiser, but lighter than a standard foundation, BB cream has a lot to offer. As well as concealing and blurring imperfections and evening out skin tone, it can help hydrate and protect the skin (thanks to SPF and antioxidants). You can see why BB cream is seen as such an all-in-one multitasking product.

What is Foundation


If you haven’t heard of BB cream, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with foundation. A go-to for beauty lovers and makeup artists alike, it helps create a flawless finish and offers superior coverage that will last well into the night. Historically, foundations were renowned for being thick and cakey on the skin. Today’s formulas come in a range of coverage options (light, medium or heavy) and complement a range of skin types and tones.


It’s true that the secret to flawless skin involves drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep. But a lot of it is also down to knowing how to create a flawless base. Keep reading to discover benefits of using BB cream and foundation...


Radiate Beauty Balm

Code8’s Radiate Beauty Balm was the first product created by the brand, and it remains a firm favourite among those in the know. Offering light-level coverage that gives the skin a nourished glow, it can be used in place of your moisturiser in the morning. Containing key ingredients that nourish the skin, prevent signs of ageing and provide protection from the sun, Radiate Beauty Balm lets your natural radiance shine through. It also has the added benefit of helping break-out prone skin, so if your skin is on the oilier side, this could be a valuable addition to your makeup bag.

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Day to Night Foundation

Code8’s Day to Night Foundation has a formula that is long-lasting and buildable, hiding imperfections and blemishes and promising 12 hours of continuous wear. It is hydrating, and when used on top of a good moisturiser can offer great results if you have normal to dry skin. Coverage is higher than Radiate, but Day to Night Foundation creates a natural-looking effect, helping your skin look rested and radiant. And thanks to its key ingredients, Day to Night Foundation can also help reduce the signs of ageing, leaving you with a naturally flawless look.

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When to wear?

When it comes to makeup, every day is different. Some days you might want a base that’s quick and easy to apply and benefits your skin. Other days you’ll be looking for longer-lasting coverage that conceals imperfections and evens out your skin, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

If you’re looking to create an effortless no-makeup look, Code8’s Radiate Beauty Balm is a great place to start. This multitasking product works harder so you don’t have to – perfect for those days when you’re in a rush. 

For the days when you want slightly more coverage, look no further than Code8’s Day to Night Foundation. It is designed to cover imperfections and even out skin tone with ease.  

How to apply...

Whether you’re applying BB cream or foundation (or both), it’s really important that you start with a clean, hydrated base. That means cleansing the skin and applying a good moisturiser to prep the skin first. If possible, let the cream sink in for five to 10 minute before applying your BB cream or foundation.

Radiate Beauty Balm

To apply Code8’s Radiate Beauty Balm, simply dot a small amount on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, using your fingers, a damp sponge or a foundation brush to blend. Remember, a little bit can go a long way, so start small. Once applied, leave it to set for a few minutes before applying your next product. BB cream is extremely versatile and can also be used with your foundation for extra coverage. This technique allows you to perfect your skin before applying foundation (meaning you can use less product to get the same level of coverage).

Day to Night Foundation

Foundation tends to require more precise application than other products – especially when being used to conceal redness, blemishes and dark circles. Using the wand applicator, start by dabbing  Day to Night Foundation in the centre of the face (where you require the most coverage) and slowly blend up and out. What tool you use to blend your foundation is down to personal preference. Try a damp sponge (for an airbrushed, full-coverage effect), a foundation brush (for lighter coverage), or your fingers (for convenience) to see what suits you best. But whatever you choose, be sure to ‘buff’ the foundation into your skin rather than painting it on. This bouncing motion will help build coverage slowly and avoid those dreaded streaks.

Ready to find your perfect match? Code8’s range of makeup products covers all bases – from skin to lips to eyes. Find out more about the potential of Code8 makeup today.

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