Rocks That I Got: The Appeal of Gemstone Hues

March 11, 2020

Rocks That I Got: The Appeal of Gemstone Hues

Colour trends may come and go, and then there are those essential colour palettes that are eternal mainstays. From amber to amethyst and tourmaline to topaz, it seems there's not a gem-inspired hue we don't like. And in fact, neuroscience backs this up. Being in nature allows the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s command centre, to dial down and rest like an overused muscle. Similarly, looking at natural elements, or anything that reminds the brain of elements that were once found out and about, allows it to relax. And we like this. 

Gemstone colours lend an effortless air of sophistication to all women of any age bringing out the most flattering undertones and features of any skin or eye shade, something that primary colours cannot achieve. Professional photographers often recommend wearing jewel-toned colours for professional headshots, as they bring out our warmth and elegance.Photo Credit: 1. Click here 2. Click here  3. Click here  4.Click here

Fashion designers have been looking to compelling gemstone-inspired colours for decades. From the powerful hues Cristóbal Balenciaga used in the 50s, to the spectrum of gem-influenced shades seen everywhere from Italian heritage brand Bottega Veneta to architecturally-led house Delpozo today, this natural yet viscerally evocative palette is a regular on global runways.

Then, of course, there's the gems themselves, and today's contemporary designs are putting refreshing new spins on these ancient materials. Jack Vartanian, Fernando Jorge, and Ana Khouri are just some of our favourite jewellery designers making modern pieces with semi-precious stones. Whereas diamonds were once the pinnacle of fine jewellery, coloured stones are currently increasing in value. 

When it comes to make-up, especially if wearing an otherwise sober and neutral outfit, jewel-toned shades are definitely called for to bring a sense of dynamism and contrast to an overall look. Code8's Iconoclast Jaipur Marbles palette is universally flattering to all eye colours and offers bronze, rubellite pink and jade green shades reminiscent of fine marble for a truly hypnotic effect around the eyes. For a warmer look, the Burnt Sienna palette includes shimmering rose golds, dark tourmaline and purple sapphire to create a fiery look with a sense of drama. 

The long and short of it is when it comes to investing in a new cocktail ring, statement dress or eye palette, if imbued in shades inspired by semi-precious stones, we'll never get jaded.