Royal Ascot Makeup Guide

Royal Ascot Makeup Guide

Code8 Royal Ascot Makeup LooksLadies, it's nearly Royal Ascot time, and as we know, unless you’re really just there for the horses, fashion and beauty are an integral part of the experience. While you likely have already ticked off dress, shoes, and headwear, makeup should be just as considered for this time-honoured British tradition.

 Royal Ascot Makeup GuideA bit of history: Royal Ascot became the smartest event on the social calendar thanks to famous dandy Beau Brummell, the best-dressed man in 19th century London and close friend of the Prince Regent, the future King George IV. Brummell reportedly said that ‘men of elegance’ should wear ‘waisted black coats and white cravats with pantaloons’. A famous aesthete, he was known for his immaculate grooming routine, polishing his boots in champagne, and taking five hours a day to get ready. (Not very Code8, but impressive nonetheless!)

The event takes place in June, so there's still time to get race-day ready with our Royal Ascot makeup guide. Here’s a little Ascot beauty inspo courtesy of three women who used Code8 to create their finishing touches.

Lipstick Look for Royal AscotPhotographer Michaela Efford @michaelaefford created a natural makeup look on the face, using Radiate Beauty Balm and Seamless Cover Concealer to create an even skin tone and lustrous skin. As an accent, she applied Code8 Glazé in the shade West Village. While NYC’s West Village might be a long way from East Berkshire where the Ascot Racecourse is situated, this classic shade fits right in, beautifully flattering Michaela’s skin tone while complementing the muted shades of her floral dress from The Mojo World, headwear is hand made in London by Lazovski.

Race Day Makeup IdeasEmulate Michaela's Royal Ascot makeup look:

Natural Royal Ascot Makeup LookStyle blogger Nina of @lovelashesandfashion played by the rulebook, and created a modest beauty look Brummell himself would have approved of - although we prefer to call it ‘natural polish’. She used Seamless Cover Concealer to brighten up shadow points, Radiate Beauty Balm to create an even palette, and a little bit of Matte Velour Mattifying Powder to keep her day makeup looking sophisticated if the sun should shine strong. Colour Brilliance Lipstick in Cappadocia for a natural rosy glow on the lips completed the look. Dress from The Mojo World and headwear is hand made in London by Lazovski.

Race Day Makeup LookEmulate Nina's Royal Ascot makeup look:

Royal Ascot Makeup Close UpGirl-about-town @jacquifrank has such astonishingly great skin, we knew that she could handle a bold lip, so we were glad she decided to use our Matte Velour Lipstick in colour-pop Mambo for her Ascot look. With this striking focal point, all she had to do was use a little Seamless Cover Concealer to brighten up her undereye and shadow points, and she was ready to go.

Modest Race Day Look

Emulate Jacky's Royal Ascot makeup look: