Seven Easy Ways to Add Summer Touches to Your Home

June 22, 2020

Seven Easy Way to Add
Summer Touches to Your Home


The increased time that you’ve inevitably spent at home of late might have you feeling bored with your interiors. As most of us have been working, relaxing and possibly holidaying from our own homes, and now that summer is here it's a great time to liven up your space with some summery touches. Below, we break it down—discover the quick and easy ways you can welcome the heatwave at home. 


Photo by @inthefrow

Switch up the textiles

If you have a lot of heavy throws, cushions and curtains, change them up for lighter fabrics and softer colours. By incorporating white with other colour schemes to match with your decor style, you can easily refresh the look of your home. 


Swap the lampshades for something new

Here’s a subtle, yet impactful change for you to try: reinvigorate the spaces in your home by changing your lampshades. In opting for a different style, colour or material, you can very quickly and easily add unique touches to your indoor lighting that will completely change the ambiance.



Brighten the room with colourful accessories

Adding a colourful accent accessory into a room is such a simple way to add some summer spirit to your home, and it’s something that you can change every season. Look for brightly coloured vases, rugs, pillows and throws for affordable fixes. 


Summer Scents

Adding citrus-scents to your home can immediately unleash  the summer feels. Do this using candles, reed diffusers or a room spray to give an elevated touch. If you’re not a big fan of citrusy scents, opt for delicate floral or fresh earthy scents instead. 



Add Summer Prints

Switch up the prints in your home seasonally to reflect the vibe you want to achieve. Add bright colours or calming tones to each room by adding your own twist. Or, If you’ve been finding yourself with a lot of free time, why not make your own art and get the children involved. 


Plants and flowers

If being outdoors all the time isn't doable for you this summer, why not bring the outdoors to you by adding plants. Or, buy seasonal flowers and experiment with creating your own floral arrangements. A bit of greenery can really make your house look alive. 



Outdoor Decoration

If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space—whether it's a balcony, patio or a huge garden—prepare it for upcoming use with simple lighting and decoration. Add solar garden lights, unusual cushions or eccentric glasses and plant pots.