Sophia and Nadine’s Top 3 Career Tips

March 11, 2020

Sophia and Nadine’s Top 3 Career Tips

Although they’re self-confessed bona fide make-up lovers, Code8 founders Sophia Chikovani and Nadine Ayache didn’t always work in beauty. Sophia, a mother of three, was a founder of an architecture and interior design company for many years, whereas Nadine was, and still balances, being a real estate investment advisor. But despite having these design-led careers as a springboard, making the transition to establish their own brand was the ultimate pivot. Whether you’re thinking of a career transition yourself, want to become an entrepreneur, or simply need some professional motivation, here, they share the top career tips they’ve learned along their journeys.

For Sophia, her professional ethos revolves around grit, creativity and perseverance. Here are her three pieces of career advice:

1.Work hard. “This one’s a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how often we as humans end up hoping to take a shortcut, and side-step the crucial, hard work, sometimes sleepless nights part, of success”, Sophia explains.

2. Be innovative. When it comes to your career, do things your way. “It’s riskier, but don’t try and replicate someone else’s success. Find a novel approach to stand out”, she advises.

3. Never surrender. Resilience is the name of the game. Try, try, and try again – no matter what the current circumstances. As a once-bankrupt, now highest-paid author J.K. Rowling likes to recount: “Rock bottom became the solid foundation in which I rebuilt my life.”


Nadine’s career approach consists of a mix of discipline and heart. 

1. Always be prepared. “You never know when opportunity will come – it often comes out of nowhere when you least expect it. Be as prepared as you can, lean in, jump in, and figure out the rest as you go along”, Nadine says.

2. Always arrive early. This has been said before, but it’s worth repeating. Arriving late makes a bad impression that’s hard to shake thereafter. On the contrary, arriving on time (prepared!), always conveys that you’re on it, and reliable. 

3. Apply yourself to something you love and believe in, then success will follow. Too many people try and become successful with an approach that’s back to front. “Don’t look to market trends when deciding what to do. Look to your passion – where you naturally bring value into the world is what will return value back to you”, she adds.

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