#StayHome: How To Make The Most Of Your Life In Lockdown

April 1, 2020

#StayHome: How To Make The Most Of Your
Life In Lockdown

Last Monday, the UK was officially ordered into a lockdown in response to the current COVID-19 crisis—something we never could have possibly imagined or planned for back in February, now in the weeks leading up to the official order seemed all too inevitable.

So here we are, just over one week in. For those of us who are not considered “essential workers,” life has flipped from daily office commutes and cocktail happy hours to mornings, afternoons, and evenings passed solely with the company of our household members, within the comfort (and confines) of our own four walls. 

It may not be glitzy and full of excitement, but a life in lockdown isn’t so bad. After all, if you have your health and your family, you are better off than the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who have been directly affected by the pandemic. Still, the reality is it’s a tough adjustment: beyond once daily exercise and (infrequent) trips to the supermarket to purchase essentials, we are stuck at home—and amidst some of the most gorgeous spring weather that England has seen at that. But with that being said, a life in lockdown doesn’t have to feel like a prison sentence, either. Below we share some of life’s little luxuries that will make your time at home feel as much like a staycation as possible.

Loungewear Attire

The time has come to (temporarily) say goodbye to the sky high stilettos, tailored suit pieces, and other uncomfortable attire. Instead, athleisure and loungewear are here and ready for their biggest moment yet. While we always recommend changing out of your pyjamas in the morning and putting on something fresh, that doesn’t mean you can’t change into a second pair of pyjamas, right? Take the look from head to toe and finish it off with a snuggly pair of house slippers.


Artisanal Coffee (or Tea!)

Perhaps one of the little luxuries that we miss the most during this lockdown is the early morning treat of a fresh brewed coffee from one of the many cafés along the morning commute. We may be far from skilled at frothing our favourite non-dairy milks or whipping up some latte art, but in spite of these culinary handicaps it’s still possible to make an at-home coffee just as enjoyable as the creations from your favourite barista. 

First things first, you’ll need to get the right beans for the job. Our favourite is any of the amazing blends from local roasters Chapter Coffee Co. Based in West Kensington, this independent coffee roastery works directly with trade farmers and cooperatives around the world, sourcing small batches of hand roasted beans. 

The beans make all the difference when it comes to coffee, so from there brew in your normal machine as always and serve! Personally, we prefer our coffee black, but if you’re really looking to treat yourself, indulge in some extra garnishes or flavours: a dash of cinnamon here, a spoonful of cacao there, perhaps a pump of caramel syrup or a dash of full fat cream? Serve it all up in a beautiful mug or teacup and you may just forget that you’re having a coffee at home, if even just for a moment. 


Luxury Bath Amenities

During a usual work week, it may be difficult to find the time for a long, relaxing soak in the tub. But these days, between working from home and the total absence of social gatherings, you might finally have all the time in the world to kick back and enjoy a soak. Take full advantage of this self-care moment and set your scene for optimal relaxation: grab your favourite book, light a few candles, pour a glass (or two!) of wine… If that doesn’t sound luxurious enough, add some aromatic healing salts like NEOM Multi Mineral Bath Salts into the mix and your bath will go from purely indulgent to functional relaxation. 


Aromatherapy and Candles

Aromatherapy and its benefits go beyond bathtime. Candles and diffusers are an amazing way to transform the ambiance of a room in an instant. Having a hard time focusing in your home office, or feeling stressed about the sudden changes to your day to day workflow? Try enhancing your space with an essential oil infused candle—we recommend you look for something containing sandalwood in particular, as this has long been used for its anti-anxiety effects.


At-Home Movie Night

One of our favourite pre-lockdown pastimes was a decadent dinner out followed by a trip to the cinema to enjoy the latest movie releases… it’s the perfect date night, but equally a moment to enjoy with friends or solo if that’s what you prefer. Now, with cinemas closed, local cable providers have pulled together to offer some of the upcoming box office releases on rent straight from the comfort of your own living room. Or, if the latest releases aren’t your preference, head on over to La Cinétek, a video-on-demand service that offers some of the greatest films of the 20th century, including works from Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, Mel Brooks, Werner Herzog, and more. 

Once you’ve picked out your film for the evening, treat yourself to a special meal—whether that means ordering delivery from one of your local favourites or whipping up something special, that’s for you to decide. For the culinarily-inclined, there are a number of meal box services that deliver straight to your door and can take your cooking from ordinary to extra. Personally, we love Pasta Evangelists for their easy prep and amazing array of pastas, but if you prefer something lighter there are plenty of others to try, including Mindful Chef, Abel & Cole, and Riverford Recipe Boxes—take your pick!