The Benefits Of Using A Hydrating Concealer

February 2, 2021

The Benefits of Using a
Hydrating Concealer

Why it’s important to always choose a coverup with moisturising properties

Woman Wearing Hydrating Concealer

There are so many concealers on the market that it can be hard to know which formulas are best, but if you want flawless coverage that looks naturally beautiful and almost undetectable, you need a hydrating concealer. Read on to learn more about why the best types of concealers are the nourishing kind, and why you need to add the industry-celebrated Code8 Seamless Cover Concealer to your makeup bag.

Hydrating concealer keeps the delicate eye contour plump

Hydrating under eye concealers are often enriched with active ingredients like Glucan Biopolymer, which gives the skin a smoothed effect. The Seamless Cover Concealer is a great example of this, as it contains this wonder ingredient, which penetrates down to the dermis level of skin where wrinkles are formed, stimulating collagen synthesis and improves skin viscoelasticity and firmness. It also contains a blend of emollients that help to protect the skin from pollution and free-radicals. This keeps the delicate under eye skin plump, softening its texture.

Hydrating concealer prevents fine lines and creasing

Hydrating Concealer in Action

If a concealer formula is too dry, it will start to sit in the fine lines of the under eye and give an almost cracked appearance. You can combat this problem with a hydrating concealer. The more fluid and nourishing the formula, the easier it will sink into the skin for a natural finish. The Seamless Cover Concealer is highly spreadable, making it easy to cover dark circles, imperfections, scars, veins and spots for a professionally retouched look—no creasing in sight.

Concealer enriched with moisturiser stops makeup looking cakey

Hydrating Under Eye Concealer Swatches

Applying too much of a non-hydrating concealer can create a thick, cakey look that is anything but natural. In order to avoid this, try a hydrating concealer with a twist sponge applicator pen like the Seamless Cover Concealer. An applicator like this means you dispense just the right amount of product and the hydrating formula means it absorbs into the skin in seconds.

Hydrating ingredients help you look healthier

For a healthy and radiant glow, a moisturising concealer is the way to go. By opting for a formula with an extra boost of hydration, your hydrating under-eye concealer will help your skin to appear healthier and refreshed like you’ve had a full night’s sleep. With this in mind, the Seamless Cover Concealer has been created with emollients and light-diffusing pigment spheres, both of which help to give that fresh-faced look. 

Now you know you need a hydrating concealer like the Seamless Cover Concealer, make sure to apply it correctly for a flawless look that lasts all day. After cleansing and moisturising your skin, apply eye cream to the under-eye area and wait for it to fully sink in. Then, apply your foundation and follow with concealer where you need it. Slowly turn the base of the applicator until the product is visible on the sponge. Using the pen apply it directly onto your under-eye area, and blend it in an outward motion. You can use your ring finger to lightly tap the product into the skin further so it fully absorbs for a natural finish.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog sharing the benefits of choosing a hydrating concealer if you aren't sure how to find your perfect concealer shade match, click here for some expert help.