The best winter lip balms and treatments

The Best
Winter Lip Balms
and Treatments

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean chapped lips, thanks to these pout-perfecting products

Code 8 Lip Balm for Cold Weather

Freezing temperatures, harsh winds and dehydrating central heating can all cause your lips to suffer in the winter time, which is why it’s important to take extra special care of them around this time of year. To help make your lip care routine easy, we’ve rounded up five of the best lip balms and treatments for cold weather.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Photo Credit: Fresh

Before you apply any one of the following lip balms and treatments for winter, you should always exfoliate away any dry skin first. This will help your lippies to apply more easily and will leave your pout looking smooth and soft. The Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is made from natural ingredients like brown sugar crystals and shea butter, and can be buffed onto the lips with just your fingers. Using circular motions to slough away dead skin cells, you can instantly turn flakiness into smoothness.

Veneffect Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment

Winter Lip Treatment

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If you’re looking for a restorative product to wear under your lip balm in winter, try The Veneffect Anti-Ageing Lip Treatment. Its potent phytoestrogen-enriched formula penetrates deep into the skin to improve fullness as well as blur any fine lines. Ideal if you want a more youthful lip look this winter, or if you just like your lips to be properly primed before applying your favourite lipstick.

Code8 AM/PM Lip Balm


If you are in search of one of the best lip balms for winter that also offers a stunning natural makeup look, we suggest you reach for one of the award-winning Code8 AM/PM Tinted Lip Balms. These buttery soft crayons come in three universally flattering shades and are enriched with a blend of Vitamins A and E, powerful antioxidants that protect the lips from environmental aggressors and stimulate collagen production. The formula also features Vitamin F and ceramides, both of which are well-known moisturisers that help fight signs of ageing. Simply glide the high shine lip balm over your pout for instant pigmented protection that will last all day. We think this is the best lip balm for winter around. 

Zelens Treatment Lip Oil

Want to heal your dehydrated lips while you sleep? Apply Zelen’s Treatment Lip Oil before bed and you’ll wake up with a smoother pout that has a natural-looking fullness. This overnight active formulation works thanks to its unique blend of nine plant oils, coupled with powerful Peptides and antioxidant-rich Shiso Leaf Extract. Small but mighty, this also makes a great product for popping in your bag when you have to head out into the cold winter weather.

Lip Oil For Winter

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Augustinus Bader Lip Balm

Best Lip Balm for Winter

Photo credit: Augustinus Bader

Searching for the best lip balm for winter with no colour? Try Augustinus Bader’s new treatment, which has been specially formulated to combat the effects of extreme temperatures and air pollution. It applies sheer on the lips for an undetectable look, so it can subtly get to work improving texture and tone. 

We hope this rundown of the best lip balms cold winter weather has helped educate you a little more as to the ways in which you can keep your lips protected in winter. Whichever lip treatment you decide to go for, your lips are sure to be protected, soothed and smoothed this winter. By investing in preventative lip care now, you can reap the rewards come summer when your lips are full, soft and flake-free, ready for lip gloss season.

AM/PM Lip Balm for Cold Weather