The Difference Between BB & CC Creams: Makeup Unpacked

February 28, 2021

The Difference Between
BB & CC Creams:
Makeup Unpacked

Here’s how to work out which multifunctional product is the right one for you

If you’re interested in makeup, or have just been browsing the skincare aisles recently, you’ll probably have noticed BB and CC creams. But what do the BB and CC abbreviations stand for? And how do you work out which of the two is best suited to your skin type? We’ll explain exactly what these multi-use products do, how to wear them and answer all those questions you’ve been asking yourself in this guide.

What is a BB cream?

BB cream, also known as Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, is a skincare-infused tinted moisturiser. It provides a sheer wash of lightweight coverage while also using powerful ingredients to treat, protect and illuminate the skin. Think of it as a quick and easy way to ‘beautify’ your complexion. BB cream is applied after moisturiser but before any makeup. On days when you want a natural look, it may well be the only thing you wear.

What is a CC cream?

A CC cream, also know as a Colour Corrector or Complexion Correcting cream, is a more pigmented version of a BB cream. It doesn’t provide as much coverage as a foundation, but it’s a great option for anyone that suffers from severe redness, discolouration or sallow skin. Use CC creams after moisturiser when you want to conceal and colour correct without using several additional products.

What’s the difference between CC and BB Cream?

So, now you know what they are, what's the difference between BB and CC creams?

CC creams tend to have much thicker formulas, as their primarily job is to control the skin tone and give good coverage. BB creams are much more lightweight and sink into the skin easily. They also tend to be packed with more skincare benefits and potent ingredients, as the main goal of a BB cream is to improve skin texture and illuminate your complexion.

Which should you choose - BB vs CC Cream?


If you need help covering extreme redness, age spots or sallow skin, a CC cream will give you a high level of coverage and create a flawless base. f you want a natural wash of colour, and to treat your skin both within and on the outside, a BB cream is best for you.


The award-winning Code8 Radiate Beauty Balm is our top recommendation. Offering a lightweight wash of colour with a velvety finish, it provides a natural-looking coverage to the skin and helps to blur the appearance of blemishes. It has been created using revolutionary Knead Technology and is infused with Pectin, Argan Seed Oil and SPF 15, to prevent signs of ageing and control environmental and sun damage. All you need is a fingertip amount, which can be worked into the skin using your hands, and it dries instantly leaving you with a radiant, healthy glow.


We hope this article discussing the difference between BB and CC creams has helped you to understand the products in more depth. Based on your main skincare concerns, you should now know which cream is right for you. You can also alternate between a BB and CC cream depending on how your complexion looks each day. Remember when it comes to makeup, you make the rules.


Need help finding your perfect BB cream shade? Our guide makes it easy. Want to work out your undertone so you know which CC cream to choose? Click here.

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