The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

June 18, 2020

The Ultimate
Makeup Brush Guide


Want to make the most of your beauty arsenal? Building up your makeup brush collection can help you apply products more effortlessly and thus, save you time. There are so many brush shapes and sizes, it can be confusing to know where to start. How do you know which brushes to invest in and which ones are fine to skip? Simply follow our guide below to find your perfectly curated brush collection. With just six brushes, you can use them to create any beauty look. 


What’s the difference between synthetic and natural makeup brushes?

This has to do with the brush bristles. Natural—or real—makeup brushes use animal hair or fur to create the brush head, while synthetic brushes are created using nylon or other manmade materials. Choose the bristle type that you are comfortable using, we prefer synthetic bristles for their durability, value, and the fact that they are also easier to sanitise.  


Invest in a little brush with synthetic bristles that can apply your concealer with precision, reaching all the nooks and crannies—especially under the eyes and side of your nose. Make sure that it can pack on the product as well as blending them out. Use the brush to target a specific area before blending out the edges. 


A powder brush has long and soft bristles which are loosely packed, so the bristles can evenly distribute powder across your face. The sizes of powder brushes available vary from small, medium to large—so pick your preferred size. It’s an essential makeup brush for those who love a multitasker. Use the powder brush to apply face powder, bronzer and blusher by picking up the product, tapping off the excess, and dusting it lightly over your face. 



Brow Brush

A dual-ended brush that has a thin angled brush on one side and a spoolie brush on the other. It has a firm, flat and angled bristles which are great for drawing individual hair-like strokes on your brows or use it to apply wing liner. Use the angled brush side to fill in sparse brows using anything from powder to pomade, then comb through your brows with the spoolie to soften any harsh lines.


One of the eyeshadow brushes essential to your makeup bag is one with a rounded tip that’s densely packed, but flat in shape. This is the ideal shape for packing eyeshadow pigment onto your lids for an opaque payoff. Use it to pick up eyeshadow, pat or press it onto your lids, and then use a gentle swirl motion to blend out the edges. Pro tip: try misting the brush with a setting spray to get an even deeper colour payoff for your eyeshadow. 


The second type of eyeshadow brush you need for any gorgeous eye look is a tapered shaped that’s loosely packed and fluffy to buff and blend out your eyeshadow with ease. It does the opposite job to your Shader brush by blending out your eyeshadow for a diffused eyeshadow finish. Use it all over the lids for a sheer wash of colour or swirl it on the crease of your eyes to blend multiple colours together.