Things to do with your children during the lockdown

May 13, 2020

Things to do with your children
during the lockdown


Funny how life as we know it is long gone now, the over-packed schedules we once had in place for our children have left a void of iPad binging and a set of home-schooling challenges for some families.

We asked mum of three boys Lana Bdeir, a creative soul and graphic designer by profession for the best entertaining ideas she’s been compiling since the COVID-19 lockdown has started, while keeping children motivated, happy and nurturing satisfied human beings in the process. Her Instagram page @QuaranTeen_and_Tots chronicles a wealth of ideas suitable for children of all ages, in this particular blog post she shares some easy-to-source ideas that will stimulate creativity and promote a general sense of purpose

Lana is embracing the new lockdown normality with great enthusiasm:

“We all want to give our kids the best life possible, but between the packed weekdays and weekends and their rigidly structured lives, were we actually doing that? Were we spending any quality time with them? If there is anything good that came out of this new reality is that we all took time to breathe, to think and to decide what to do with our precious life. We gave space to our kids to have some unstructured time where they are free to get bored, to come up with their next activity, to build tents using cushions and blankets in order to host a tea party for their soft toys in there. We opened up their creativity and ours! We baked together, we did the dishes together, we even swept the floor together and they loved it! Kids love to emulate real life and during this time, they were able to finally live that real life alongside us, their role models.”


For many families, unknowingly, children have turned into big consumers: opening one toy after another and disregarding them after a while, always leaving them wanting more. From the start of this quarantine, Lana decided to explain to her three boys in very simple but logical terms, that all toy shops were closed and that from now onwards they needed to “make their own toys”.

They started saving toilet roll cylinders, egg cartons and delivery boxes and started crafting things: “we built a car wash, a parking lot for all the cars, we made a caterpillar with toilet rolls… we even made our own slime and playdough”. As scruffy and crafty as these projects looked, they promoted a tremendous sense of achievement and Lana’s children never seemed happier.  

Seeing that a lot of parents were going through the same dilemmas, Lana set up a new Instagram account called @QuaranTeen_and_Tots curating all the projects and ideas one can do with kids from early years to their teens, to inspire parents to use this unprecedented precious time they were given with their kids, usefully.

Out of the extensive list described in this post, here are Lana’s top 5 must-do projects:

1. Recycled art: Elmer

2. Recycled car wash followed by a real car wash

3. Spreading happiness with a rainbow

4. Creating a DIY Birthday party

5. Planting an edible garden


Continue to read and discover more of Lana’s fun activities to do with your children during the lockdown.

1. Step-by-step drawing session off YouTube projects

2. More art with recycled material:

- Caterpillar and rabbits using egg cartons and toilet paper rolls

- Using bottle caps and fingers

3. Pottery

4. Workout: Cosmic kid yoga or PE with Joe

5. Created a car wash out of kitchen rolls and delivery boxes

6. Followed by a real car wash!

7. Baking

8. Cooking: preparing Veal escalope

9. Branded and established the “Middle Floor School”

10. Paint a rainbow to place at our window to brighten the day of passers-by and thank the NHS

11. Cleaned the dishes, the house, swept the floor and set the table up

12. Planted some seeds and saw them grow

13. Set-up a bowling alley

14. Made their own slime

15. Drew a “real size them”

16. Drew their own party decoration for the Winnie the Pooh party - Celebrated two birthday parties: both my boys. One with the in-laws across the window of their garden and one with their soft toys, a Winnie-The-Pooh picnic


17. Elmo the elephant: Made Elmo the elephant out of milk bottles and a collage

18. Hosted a tea party for their toys in their tent

19. Played shop from their new food truck (ice cream truck and burger truck)

20. Made a Collage about The Great Fire of London

21. Building traffic jams with cars and airport terminals with planes

22. Made a drawing about Corona Virus and “that time in quarantine”