Three Enduring AW18 Trends To Try

March 11, 2020

Three Enduring AW18 Trends To Try

Trends aren’t what they used to be. Once dictated down to us by old-guard editors (think Maggie Prescott in Audrey Hepburn's Funny Face) to be followed as gospel each season, trends are now a lot more diplomatic. There are many trends to pick and choose from, for us to adopt only those that truly suit us and who we are. Many trends simultaneously evolve season after season, so that all of a sudden “everything is in style”, as many fashion critics have proclaimed. That said, here are three AW18 trends that yield investment pieces with real staying power.

Couture-Style Capes 

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The bold silhouette of capes, and the obvious association, makes us feel like a superhero when we’re wearing them. A truly confident piece of outerwear, the AW18 fashion season saw many capes on the runway, including at Clare Waight Keller’s highly acclaimed Givenchy collection. Capes will never date, and those of us who live in predominantly cooler climates such as in London or New York know we need a lot of coat varieties in order not to lose our style mojo come October. And unlike many other coat shapes, you can wear virtually anything under a forgiving cape and it works.

Fancy Fringing

The fringe trend’s eternal appeal lies in its flappers and Twenties-era associations: jazz, and top-notch socialising at glamorous after-dark parties in Saint-Germain with the likes of Cole Porter. Photo credit: 1.Click here 2. Click here 

It seems like it was a fun time in both societal, musical and fashion history, and a fringed piece is the easiest way to tap into that lightly hedonistic mood – and always will be. AW18’s fringing is ultra-dazzling, showing up in full-length looks at Alexander McQueen and Valentino. 

The Global Nomad

In an increasingly open, connected and mobile world, there’s one thing we can’t deny that we’re all collectively obsessed with: travel. In previous generations, vacations were an annual thing - twice a year and an odd weekend, if you were lucky. Photo credit: 1. Click here  2. Click here

But now, we use planes like buses and have the passport stamps to match. As such, eclectic looks that reflect a life well-travelled, referencing a variety of cultural influences are increasingly relevant. Bold draping, rich patterns, the aviation influences seen at Chloé, and oversized shawls all help channel this mood.