Three Interior Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

March 11, 2020

Three Interior Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

There comes a point for some trends, when they’ve become so deeply embraced, so enduring in appeal, and so ingrained in our collective aesthetic that they really can’t be called trends anymore. And that’s a good thing - because what’s deemed trendy, is eventually, not. And regular redecorating is a thing of the past. Today’s most savvy interior decorators know that the best rooms have a classic framework that can be built upon with accents, resulting a personalised touch, even if leaning in one direction. But fret not, there are some trends-that-aren’t-trends because they’ve proven that they’re here to stay. Primarily, these…

Sleek Scandi
Sleek Scandi

The people of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland have singlehandedly changed the entire course of décor. While the 80s and 90s were still in the throes of more-is-more, the millennium brought with it a fresh new minimalist Scandinavian influence.

Fresh minimal Scandinavian styleThis Northern aesthetic is defined by neutral shades, contrast hues, a great use of wood, chic grey walls, tactile leather and suede pieces, statement lighting, and the concepts of lagom (just the right amount) and hygge (warm and cosy).

Earthly Delights Earthly DelightsPhoto Credit: 1. Click here   2. Click here 3. Click here

As humans, we’re biologically hard-wired to react favourably at the sight of natural materials. After all, our ancestors spent centuries living al fresco. Our brains and bodies actually physically relax when viewing any natural elements, and as such, one can never ever go wrong with anything real and earthy. From stone, quartz, marble, and malachite, to plants en masse and considered floral architecture, there are many stylish ways to bring an organic outdoors feel inside and bring the zen.

Parisian Lite

You’re probably tired of hearing about the chicness of the French, but sorry – all the clichés are true. “I hate a vaulted high ceiling with period details”, said no one, ever. Yet there is a difference between traditional full-on French style and ‘Parisian lite’. The former is all about heavy opulence and drama in all things, while the latter is a lot more balanced and understated, offsetting the oppressive impact of some traditional French elements with contemporary minimalist pieces for a new look that only just whispers of the 8th arrondisement.

French minimalism
You can, of course, combine all three, but tread carefully. Start with one overarching feel and carefully work in accents. But a plant, as they say, is always a good idea.