Top Fitness Trends To Try In 2019

March 11, 2020

Top Fitness Trends To Try In 2019

We all told ourselves we’d be back in sweat-mode after the holidays and its onslaught of nutritional rule-breaking, and here we are. Or are we? If feeling uninspired, perhaps some novelty can lure us back in. Here are a few new workouts that are currently in focus for the new year… 

Streaming Workouts

Digitisation means flexible everything – including workouts. Thanks to innovative solutions such as Peloton and FIIT TV, 2019 can turn your home into a boutique gym space or spinning studio.

From £10 a month, FIIT offers three studios: Cardio, Strength and Rebalance, so you can do yoga one day, HIIT the next, and strength training after that. It allows users to join classes in real time, led by Instagram's most-popular trainers. Each FIIT console comes with a chest strap and heart rate monitor, which helps you to track your progress and stats being tracked on the dashboard on screen. So just because you're physically in a gym, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to slack.

Peloton, the at-home exercise bike unlike any other that has taken North America by storm, is finally coming to the UK. The full subscription allows access to over 10,000 classes recorded at their New York studio that you can filter by music, instructor and difficulty.

HIIT Fusion

A blended workout, the success of HIIT is now being mixed with other flexibility-based fitness classes such as Pilates and yoga. The HIIT elements burns fat and boost metabolism quickly, while the Pilates elements strengthen, increase flexibility and decrease stress, so you get the benefits of both. Then there is also HIIT Yoga, which provides a workout for both the body and mind, boosts the metabolism, deepens stretches and gets endorphins going. The HIIT element of the workout is a combination of lower and upper body movements using your own body weight, including press-ups, squats, burpees and mountain climbers. Another Space, Third Space and 1Rebel are some of the best studios in London that offer hybrid classes.

Meditation Studios

Heard of the body-mind connection? As we move towards an increasingly 360-approach to wellness, there’s a growing emphasis on meditation. Proven to calm the mind, boost productivity and decrease cortisol levels – key to fat loss – meditation is one of those things that sounds deceivingly easy but requires a certain amount of discipline. Enter the meditation studio. Londoners Carla von Anhalt and Yulia Kovaleva launched Re:Mind in Belgravia last year, where participants are guided through a variety of meditations. It’s also super pretty.

Aqua Cycling

It’s not new, but aqua cycling is definitely underrated in our books. Started by Parisian Esther Gauthier who founded AQUA in New York City, aqua cycling is everything you love about spin, intense cycling and inspiring music – but in the water. It's effective and totally therapeutic, with the added benefit of cellulite-busting lymphatic drainage – thanks to the massaging effect of the water as you push through the resistance. We like HydroFit Chelsea, where you have your own pod and room, located at 278 Fulham Road.

Rowing Studios

Some have said that for 2019, rowing is the new spinning. Last year, Engine Room, the UK’s first dedicated rowing studio opened - a concept of PT Chris Heron, and backed by Olympic rower Matt Tarrant. Rowing offers a full body workout like no other, according to its champions. A 50-minute class works 85% of the body's muscles across nine major muscle groups, working your upper and lower body, toning your arms, strengthening your back, heart, and lungs. As our fondness for mono-gyms grows, it’s quite likely that once it gets going, we’ll see a lot more boutique rowing studios pop up. Find Engine Room just north of Great Portland St tube.