What’s in my bag? By Sophia and Nadine

March 11, 2020

What’s in my bag? By Sophia and Nadine

Handbag Essentials

It’s an unspoken rule never to go through someone’s handbag, whether to fetch chewing gum or keys. It feels like a breach of privacy to dig into something that is so personal – like a medicine cabinet, or a safe.

“My life is in this bag,” is not a phrase to take lightly. What you carry around with you is your saving grace, especially when you’re rushing off from a meeting to lunch, or after-work drinks. Your current handbag has almost all the contents of your life, from handbag essentials to beauty products, and even the junk.  

It’s about being prepared. You never know when you’ll need that £1 coin that’s always sitting at the bottom of your bag, but you’ll never actually use because you’ll ruin your nails trying to get it. Or the 4 lbs of receipts that you have stashed? You need those. You never know when you’d want to return a purchase one day- probably never, but still, you never know. 

On the other hand, some of us take a more toned-down approach when it comes to collecting these handbag “necessities” and embrace a more minimalistic approach. Instead, we carry what’s truly essential and necessary to our everyday life on the go.  

We couldn’t think of anyone better than Code8’s founders, Nadine Ayache and Sophia Chikovani, to set an example for sophisticated and efficient ways to pack their bags. So, we asked them the question we’re all dying to know: what’s in your bag? Read on below in their own words:

Sophia Chikovani

As a woman who generally wears minimal makeup, I always carry the AM/PM Tinted Lip balm in Chameleon everywhere I go. It’s such a great lip care product, especially now during the colder temperatures. I love that it’s packed with a cocktail of vitamins such as A, E and F and contains antioxidant protection against environmental stress and early signs of ageing. The pigments enhance my natural lip colour and the shade really works with a range of different makeup looks.

It also depends on the size of the handbag I’m carrying on a given day. If I’m having a long day at work, I’ll take a bigger handbag. But before I know it, I suddenly have my entire house in there. But if I take a smaller handbag, I always have 4 things with me: my sunglasses (can’t live without them), the AM/PM Tinted Lip balm in Chameleon, my house keys, and of course my wallet.” 

Nadine Ayache

One Code8 product I must have in my handbag (or my back pocket) is a 5secs Express Lips & Cheek Colour in Miss Saigon. It’s the best on-the-go lip and cheek freshener-upper! Our customers love this shade and it has quickly become one of our best-sellers as it complements various skin-tones, leaving the lips hydrated and moist throughout the day. 5secs Express Lips & Cheek Colour range is a perfect multitasking product for the busy modern women on the go. 

The other things I cannot leave my house without are my house keys, chewing gum and dental floss – not so glamourous but definitely my handbag essentials when I’m out on long days.