Where To Apply Concealer For An Instant Face Lift

April 24, 2021

Where To Apply Concealer For An Instant Face Lift

This is how you can sculpt your face using only concealer

Concealer is loved for its ability to cover dark spots and camouflage imperfections, but now it’s also being used to carve out features and sculpt the face too. Known as ‘reverse contouring’, this trend has gone viral on TikTok thanks to influencers like Scortezz Beauty and Megha Singh. It’s being touted as the easiest way to get a facelift with makeup alone, and we’re going to show you where to apply concealer yourself.

First, choose a quality concealer

Before you begin to sculpt your face, it’s important to pick the right concealer. Ideally you need a medium to full coverage formula that’s easy to blend, so it can sink seamlessly into your skin and look natural. We recommend the Code8 Seamless Cover Concealer. Not only does it offer buildable medium-to-full coverage, but it’s also super hydrating on the skin and matte. A shiny formula will look unnatural on the skin and make it obvious that you are trying to change the shape of your face, so always opt for a velvet-like finish.

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Seamless Cover Concealer is also an ideal choice if you’re trying to get a facelift makeup effect because its twist sponge pen means you can be precise with your application. Plus, it’s enriched with active ingredients such as Glucan Biopolymer to protect the skin from pollution and free-radicals, and light-diffusing pigment spheres that blur imperfections and give an airbrushed look.

Then, apply strategically

Once you have your concealer, begin to sculpt your face by drawing the eye towards the high points of your face. You can do this by swiping the concealer from the inner corner of your eye, over to the bridge of your nose and down its side. Then, swipe again at the bottom outer corner of the eye, upwards and outwards. Traditionally we’ve been told to apply concealer in two triangles under the eye, but this new approach uses less product and the end result is much more natural.  

Blend, blend, blend 

After you’ve applied your concealer, the key step is to blend. Take either a fluffy brush or makeup sponge for best results, and apply gentle pressure to slowly buff the product into the skin. The Seamless Cover Concealer’s twist sponge applicator is perfect for placing the product, but for best results always use a separate makeup sponge to help it truly sink into the skin.


Set and go

Take a step back from the mirror and look at your face. While the difference is subtle, you will be able to see that your face appears lifted and more awake. All that’s left to do now is set your makeup so that uplifted look stays in place all day. We suggest a dusting of the Code 8 Matte Velour Powder to absorb any excess sebum and keep your look soft, silky and extremely matte, while still allowing your skin to breathe.

Now you’ve learnt how to give yourself a facelift using a concealer alone it’s time to experiment. Need help finding your perfect shade? Take a look at our guide here.

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