Knead Technology

Knead Technology is a patent-pending ingredient mixing method. The Ultravortex™ technology mixes the pre-baked pigments with natural oils such as jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. These rotation systems use high velocity and heat to combine the ingredients which result in a formula with an ultra-fine particle with a unique texture. 

Knead Technology ensures that all Code8 makeup retains its intense colour pay-off as the mixing method guarantees even pigment dispersion throughout the product. The natural oils and pigment combination offer an exceptional texture which maximises spreadability and looks smooth on the skin.


Palette Beauty Bible Awards 2020 - Silver Award Winner for "Best Powder Eyeshadow".

Our unique patent-pending mixing method known as “Knead Technology” blends pre-baked pigments with sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil for superior blend-ability and skin nourishment.

The result is a vibrant colour pay off from the first brush stroke and a rich velvety look in a combination of matte and shimmery powders.

Code8’s luxury eyeshadow palettes have been created in a compact-size format ideal for travelling, with silky textures that won’t fade.


Beauty Bible Awards 2020 - Gold Award Winner for "Best Tinted Moisturiser".

Attracta Beauty Award Winner 2019 - Best Illuminating Cream for Skin Radiance.

The Radiate Beauty Balm is an award-winning complexion booster. A light coverage, buildable beauty balm that enhances your appearance while hydrating and nourishing your skin. Containing Pectin and Argan Oil, it’s been spotted creating catwalk-worthy complexions backstage, on the red carpet, and for beauty enthusiasts across the globe.

Created using revolutionary Knead Technology, the balm has a unique, velvety yet lightweight texture and contains SPF 15 to protect against sun damage.


Get the Gloss Beauty and Wellness Awards 2019 - Glow-Getter Award.

Our award-winning Highlight HD Palette is a duo of rose gold and bronze coloured powders. Using Knead Technology, the pre-baked pearls are mixed with olive oil, macadamia oil and white tea extract to create a shiny, sculpted, long-lasting effect while nourishing the skin.

You can use an angled brush to apply this wonderful multi-use product to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and brow bone as a classic highlighter or spray a brush with water and apply it wet as a shiny eyeshadow.


Blusher, highlighter and eyeshadow all in one—our Blush Palette combines three complementary shades that deliver effortless blending and adjustable colour intensity in a silky and weightless texture.

Created using Knead Technology, a process that mixes pre-baked pigment with skin nourishing oils, the Blush Palette delivers highly-pigmented colour, long-lasting wear and a silky texture.

The three components of the blush palette are designed to be used together or separately to give a radiant flush. Choose from three colour edits to suit your mood: a pink edit (Pink Beach), a peach edit (Rosé) and a mauve edit (Merlot).