A longtime real estate investment advisor from London, Nadine Ayache, Founder of Code8, is a naturally self-professed make-up lover. To her, Code8 is more than just a brand - it’s part of a life mission to provide a platform to women where they can spread positive messages about self-image and self-worth. Here, Nadine reveals her ups and downs with beauty and thoughts on make-up, style, and life…

What was your first experience with make-up?
I must have been 5 years old when I barged into my parents’ room while my mum was getting ready. It was the 80s, and I loved all the backcombing, the big lashes, and bold fashion. Most of all, I loved her signature vivid fuchsia lipstick she applied last. After that, she couldn’t get rid of me when she was getting ready.

What beauty advice have you received that has still stuck with you?
The best advice I got was from my mum; always take off your make-up fully before you go to bed.

How long does it typically take you to get ready? What products do you typically use to start your day?
Around 20 minutes. I quickly go back and forth between the face, body and hair to allow everything to absorb as it should. I use natural oils on my body, and for the face, GeneU’s bespoke serum and La Prairie’s Moisturiser. Oribe’s Gold Lust Oil or Moroccan Oil treatment for the hair.

When it comes to make up, it’s important for me to have smart multi-purpose products that I can apply instantly. Code8’s Radiate in shade NW30 gives me a light and even coverage that looks like a second skin, then it’s a touch of concealer to brighten the eye area and cover dark circles. I then apply either bronzer or blush, and Lash Sophisticate - it’s one of my favourite Code8 products. Last on is lipstick - recently I have been addicted to our Colour Brilliance Crème lipstick in the shade The Met.

How did your beauty regime evolve throughout your 30s?
I became very confident in knowing what I want and the final effect I wanted to stay away from. I migrated to products I could rely on, and make-up shades that take me from day to night easily, with a touch of colour for expression. Less is more, but the less needs to be enough!

Who is your personal beauty icon and what about them do you like?
I really admire women who are stylish in a timeless manner. A true beauty icon for me is Sophia Loren. She is just so beautiful in her own way, classy and stylish and carries herself accordingly. Her consistent make up application always suited her features.

What beauty advice would you give to your teenage self or the young women around you? Don’t try too hard; use make-up to love and enhance your features - not cover them.

Your worst make up moment?
I always loved to experiment when I was younger, so I had a fair share. I particularly recall one New Year’s Eve and a horrifying purple eyeshadow thing going on around the eyes. It was fun though.

What are you passionate about?
So many things. Art. Family. Friends. Travelling to new places, exploring and being in nature. And increasingly, wellbeing.

Where are you itching to travel next?
Definitely Madrid and Japan!

What is your favourite moment of the day? 
The morning, because you still have a sense that anything can happen.