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Bronze summer glow powder

We are a beauty brand where less is decidedly more. Less time spent on application, fewer products in your makeup bag. Less marketing chit chat and spin, and zero over-selling (or over claiming).

From the moment the brand launched in 2019, Code8 bucked the trend towards the heavily contoured, multiple layered beauty look and instead channelled a minimalist – and easy – approach, one rooted in ease in every way.

This is why we are centred around a concise edit of quality products that can get your face dressed up for the day in minutes.

Sophia Chikovani picture

Code 8 Beauty is a true reflection of our founder, Sophia Chikovani, a busy working woman – and mother - for whom practicality is key and who always wants to get straight to the point without any unnecessary fuss.

Not for her endless hours spent in the bathroom applying layers of cosmetics. Her choices are driven by her own needs and those of her customers - not by the latest here today gone tomorrow trend doing the rounds on social media. And those needs are simple: to look fresh, well-presented, and polished. 

No masking, no pretending, just a quiet but effective elevation of what you’ve got. Sophia believes makeup should be as straightforward a part of your routine as washing your hair or applying skincare, and the last touch to your outfit before heading out of your front door – putting your best face forward.