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How to Apply Code8 Day to Night Foundation on Mature Skin

In this tutorial, we share tips on applying foundation to mature skin. 

To recreate this look, you will need the following products: 

Day to Night Foundation

Seamless Cover Perfecting Concealer 

Matte Velour Face Powder 

Step 1

As with any foundation application, when applying foundation to mature skin the skin needs to be moisturised and well hydrated before applying any product, this is all-the-more important with mature skin which tends to be dryer and more delicate. 

For just the right amount of coverage, we recommend mixing in Day to Night Foundation with your favourite oil or moisturiser. Use your fingertips to pat in the mixture and blend in your foundation.

Step 2

Use Seamless Cover Concealer strategically on the middle of the face for a highlighting effect and to lighten up dark patches and discolouration.

Step 3

Set your foundation with Matte Velour Finishing Powder on the T-zone and around your nose.

We hope this tutorial has given you some tips on applying foundation to mature skin. For more makeup inspo, head to our tutorial hub

How to apply Code8 Day to Night Foundation on mature skin