Makeup Tips
for Round Eyes

Learn how to enhance your round eyes with these flattering and easy to replicate beauty tricks

Big, beautiful round eyes are instantly captivating as they show off not only your irises but the whites of your eyes, too. This means whatever eye makeup look you wear, you’re going to make a real statement. To really enhance your gorgeous gaze, read on and discover our tips and tricks for the best way to flatter the natural shape of your eyes.

Create some drama

Round eyes often appear sweet and youthful, so if you want a more alluring and sophisticated makeup look, try a subtle smokey eye.  Using the Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette in Lustrous Corduroy, take the darkest shade and pat it onto a blending brush before applying it to the centre of the eye. By focusing on the middle of your eyelid and blending out, you will create the illusion of an elongated almond shape, which is ultra flattering. 

Better yet—the  Iconoclast Eyeshadow Palette has been specially created using revolutionary Knead Technology to ensure a highly pigmented formula that lasts all day and night, so you don’t have to worry about your smokey edge smudging or fading as the day goes on.

Wing it

Another makeup hack for round eyes is to create a cat-like shape by winging out your liner. You can use either an ultra soft kohl like the Contour Eye Pencil, a water-resistant ink pen like the Precision Liquid Eyeliner, or a dark eyeshadow to do this. Whichever you choose, be sure to line from the middle of the eye out to the edge of your lash line. Extending the wing up instead of out helps to create a sultry stare and give you a feline look.

The Vitamin B5-enriched Precision Liquid Eyeliner is ideal if you want a sleek, glossy cat eye that’s smudge and transfer proof. Or, if you prefer your winged liner to look a little more relaxed and slightly lived in, then the Contour Eye Pencil will be right for you. 

  1. Code 8 Eyeliner Pencil
    Contour Eye Pencil
  1. Award-Winning Liquid Ink Eyeliner
    Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Add some light

When you have round eyes, you want to accentuate the outer and inner corners of the eye for the most flattering look. Try using a lighter eyeshadow shadow or a highlight on the outer lash line to help create the illusion of a longer shape. Similarly, you can do the same thing with the inner corner of the eyes to create a more almond eye shape. Take a shimmery product like the Highlight HD Palette and use a slightly wet, small rounded brush pat a small amount onto the inner and outer corner to instantly lighten up the eye area. 

A flattering duo of rose gold and bronze, this highlighter palette is made from pre-baked pearls, Macadamia Oil and White Tea Extract to moisturise and nourish skin. The palette’s light-reflecting properties are universally flattering and will perfectly compliment rounded eyes.

  1. Code 8 Highlight HD Palette Get the Gloss Award
    Highlight - HD Palette

This completes our makeup tips and tricks for round eyes. Hopefully you’ve learnt a beauty hack or two that can help you to make the most of your amazing gaze and have some fun with your makeup bag.