Makeup Tips for
Smaller Eyes

All eye shapes are beautiful, but sometimes you want to wow people with a doe-eyed look.

Luckily, Code8 makeup up artistSasha has shared all of her beauty industry secrets with us in this guide to eye makeup looks to accentuate small eyes. Read on to discover the tweaks you can make to your beauty routine that will help you easily emphasise your gaze, making your eyes seem wider and brighter in minutes.

Shape Your Face

Before you learn how to apply makeup to small eyes, it’s important to prep your face. You should never underestimate the power of good eyebrows to make your eyes look bigger. Brushing the brow hairs up with a tinted gel will help to frame your face, while removing any little stray hairs will create more space between the brows and your eyelid. 

Conceal Dark Circles

By covering up any darkness and discolouration around the eyes with full coverage concealer, you’ll instantly open up your face. This will bring attention to your eyes and lashes instead of your under eye circles, making them the focal point of your face.

Use Light-Coloured Shadows

Dark pigments close up the eyes and make them look smaller, so try to avoid black eyeshadow if you want a wide-eyed look. Instead opt for light-coloured eye makeup in shades like white, beige and tan. Blend the colour onto the entire lid and then take another light but slightly shimmery colour and apply a pop right onto the centre of the eye.

Embrace High Shine

Using a highlighter on your brow bone will give you a mini brow lift, for a wider, more awake look. Drawing attention upwards also makes your eyes seem rounder, instead of a smaller, almond shape.

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Enhance The Inner Corner

Applying a bright eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes is an easy trick that instantly makes them look bigger and brighter. A touch of light-reflecting pigment or even glitter will also catch the light and in turn, open up your eyes.

Skip The Rock Chick Look

Avoid applying black eyeliner to your waterline. Although it’s great for nailing a rock and roll vibe it also makes your eyes look about half their actual size. Instead use a cream-coloured eye pencil to give the illusion that the whites of your eyes are wider than they are. This is also a great trick if you’ve had a late night and want to seem like you’re more awake.

Be Strategic With Your Liner

If you apply eyeliner all the way into your inner corner you instantly close up your eyes, so instead apply your eyeliner from the centre of your lash line outwards. This will give you an elongated cat eye shape that’s flattering on every face shape.

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Curl Your Lashes

Everyone owns an eyelash curler, but normally we forget to use this handy tool in our daily makeup routine. If you want to make your eyes seem bigger, be sure to curl your lashes. Straight lashes will cast a shadow on your eyes, while uplifted lashes open the eye area and immediately widen your eyes.

Always Wear Mascara

Make sure to finish your makeup look by applying a lengthening and volumising mascara. Focus on the centre of your lashes but be sure to coat the bottom too for an almost ‘60s wide-eye stare.  Thick, long lashes are always the easiest way to draw attention to your eyes.

So there you have it. Nine easy tips to instantly make your eyes seem bigger, bold and more beautiful. Add these tricks into your daily makeup routine and you’ll be batting your lashes every time you look in the mirror.