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Should I Apply My Concealer Before Or After My Foundation?

Should I Apply My Concealer Before Or After My Foundation?
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We settle the ultimate makeup question once and for all We all know the order you apply your makeup is important, but which comes first: foundation or concealer? We’ve asked the makeup pros to help us settle the age-old beauty debate: do you put concealer on before or after foundation in this guide. Read on to learn how to create a flawless, glowing face that conceals dark circles and smooths out your complexion—while still looking natural.

Do you put concealer on before of after foundation?

The purpose of the foundation is to even out your skin tone and make it one, uniform colour, so blemishes and redness are covered and any dullness is brightened. It’s often referred to as base because it’s just that—a base for the rest of your makeup. It’s hard to judge how much concealer you actually need to use until you’ve applied your foundation, so it’s for this reason that makeup artists often suggest you should apply concealer after foundation, not before.

Applying foundation after concealer is counterproductive as you’ll only have to go over the areas again to brighten them after you use foundation. Plus, applying foundation after concealer can cause it to slip and slide around when really you want makeup that blends together seamlessly. Concealer is usually much thicker than foundation, so applying it first could lead to an unnecessarily cakey look. And most makeup artists seem to agree, always apply concealer after foundation.

How to apply foundation, before you apply concealer

As above, we recommend applying foundation before your concealer so you have a nice base to work from. The best way to apply foundation is to apply one thin, even layer over your entire face. If you’re using the Day To Night Foundation, its unique wand applicator makes things easy. First, use the wand to apply a small amount of foundation onto the tip of your finger. Then take it onto the skin with a foundation brush, sponge or your fingers, and buff in. Layer the long-wear foundation up slowly until you reach your desired level of coverage. It shouldn’t take much, as this medium-to-high coverage foundation is incredibly easy to blend. It’s also infused with Hyaluronic Acid to increase the levels of moisture in your skin, Vitamin E to fight free radicals, and an innovative anti-wrinkle agent, so it gets to work improving your skin inside and out.

How to apply concealer, after your foundation

Once you’ve created a perfect base, it’s time to go in with a concealer to give a little something extra to the areas that need more coverage. Always choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone for an illuminating effect. Click here to find your perfect concealer shade. The Seamless Cover Concealer is a great choice as you can use the sponge applicator to draw an upside down triangle shape on your under eye area. Then all you need to do is blend it into the skin using your ring finger. This medium-to-full coverage concealer is enriched with Glucan Biopolymer, for a smoothing and hydrating effect that blurs imperfections and hides tired eyes. Its light-diffusing pigment spheres dampen the appearance of wrinkles, soften skin’s texture and give a natural finish, too. All that’s left to do is set your face with powder and you’re good to go.

We hope this article sharing our thoughts on whether concealer goes before or after foundation has been helpful, but just remember, you should always wear makeup in the way that feels best for you. Whilst generally the classic technique for makeup layering is to apply concealer after foundation, have fun with it and create makeup looks that make you feel comfortable and empowered.

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